Top 10 Gifts For The Travelling Woman

Buying gifts for women who love travelling is much easier than you might think! This travel gift guide provides a list of 10 thoughtful gifts that can easily be taken all around the world. Some make life easy, whilst others will provide a reminder of the relationship you share. Take a look through our top 10 picks and prepare to be inspired!


Comfortable Neck Pillow

Any long-haul flight is made much easier with a comfortable neck pillow. Investing in a more expensive neck pillow makes all the difference when it comes to sleep so you could help to transform their travelling experiences. Look for a neck pillow with a convenient clip so she can easily attach it to her bag for added convenience.

An E-Reader For Book Lovers

Our next gift idea in this travel gift guide is an e-reader. If the woman you are buying for loves to read, an e-book will give her the freedom to carry hundreds or even thousands of books with her all around the world. You could buy one book you think they will love to start them off and they can slowly build their collection.

Leather Passport Holder!

For people who travel a lot, having a passport holder is advised. It helps to protect passports from wear and tear whilst also adding an element of personal style. There are some really beautiful passport holders out there, making it one of our favourites on this travel gift guide.

Luxury Travel Backpack

Having a high-quality and organised backpack is essential when it comes to travelling. So this could be the perfect opportunity to buy her one that is stylish too! Opting for something reliable like a multipurpose women's travel backpack will help the travel loving recipient enjoy rummage-free travel whilst feeling amazing.

Small Travel Jewellery Box

Travel jewellery boxes provide the perfect solution to concerns about losing jewellery as everything valuable can be kept securely in one place. They are mostly quite compact too, meaning space won’t be an issue.

Handy Portable Phone Charger

One of the essentials on our travel gift guide is a portable phone charger. Our mobile devices are now heavily involved in our travelling experiences, especially as they store our boarding passes. It would be a disaster if someone’s phone ran out of charge before boarding so a portable charger is an extremely useful piece of tech for any traveller.

Digital Photo Frame

Everyone has their photos with them on their mobiles, yet there is something special about having them out on display. So you could give them a digital photo frame to give them a constant reminder of some of their favourite memories, without taking up much space.

Personalised Key ring

One of the smaller yet most thoughtful gifts on this travel gift guide would be a personalised keyring with your favourite photo of you with the person you are gifting it to. They could attach it to their bag and catch a glimpse of that happy memory ever so often on their travels.

Designer Sunglasses!

If the travel loving lady is into fashion, a special gift would be a pair of designer sunglasses. They will have her looking amazing on her travels and also provide a small bit of coverage whilst she recovers from jet lag!

An Airbnb Gift Card

To finish off our travel gift guide, we have an Airbnb gift card! If you know that the giftee stays in Airbnb’s, purchasing a gift card could help them to extend their travels and create more amazing memories.

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