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What’s the difference between luxury packaging and eco-packaging?

We have added the option when you check out to choose what packaging you would like.

Luxury packaging means we will send your order with the smaller items in a separate gift box and include a look book and thank you note. All of these items are still recyclable, but the package you receive may be slightly larger than the eco option.

For the eco-packaging, we will pack your small items inside your largest item to bring down the size of the box as much as possible and, therefore, minimise our carbon footprint. You will receive a thank you card and postcard.

The outer box is the same for both options.

What is the #KitGirlClub?

A #Kitgirl is unfazed by the rigours of daily life, juggling work, motherhood and life in general, doing it all in style. Our founder Keri is the original #Kitgirl, caring for her 3 children, supporting her husband, and building KeriKit. Keri is passionate about supporting all women to live their best life, not just through KeriKit products, but also through sharing her own quick tips, and lessons learned along the way. With this, the #KitgirlClub was born! We know how tricky it can be to ‘do it all’, and we are here to help :)


Meet like-minded #Kitgirls within the community to ask advice, share tips or simply have a natter. Just log-in to your account to join the fun! 


KeriKit are here to support you on your journey: through motherhood, through life, and helping you raise the next generation in style.

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You may have seen the rewards tab in the bottom left? This is how you join our  #KitGirl Club! Simply click and register for access to our community feed and exclusive access to the Kit Girl rewards club where you can earn points for buying items and referring friends! Once you have signed up just click on the Rewards tab to see how many points you have earned to date.

Our online #KitGirl Community

Once you sign up to the Rewards Program you can share your Pictures, Videos,  Stories, Recommendations, Wishlists, Life Hacks, and anything you think us KitGirls would appreciate in our live feed below:

Love this pic of Pippa Middleton snapped with her Amber Navy which she bought over a year ago x

Great shoot with Lucy Gascoyne and High contrast for our SS20 Collection

"Love my kerikit black Lennox! Adding the pop of color with the Webster strap makes it even better - Thanks KeriKit!"

One Bag that does it all

We Love this video review by Rosie comparing the Lennox midi to the Midi Amelia from Lily Jade -Lennox was the clear winner naturally ;)

Linh Wing's review on our Joy XL Black Studded Leather backpack. See her on-the-body view. 

What an awesome comparison review?
Glo Mama looks at the Joy Ice Grey Vs Amber Toffee. Two lovely backpacks!

"I'll be honest, I was expecting for this bag to just "pass through" my house. I was thinking it would be too large, incompatible with my packing style, and not the prettiest of bags. I mean, it doesn't even have tassels! 😉 I was SO wrong. I LOVE this bag. #amberconvert

~ Kimberly Lauber

The Lennox is Rosie's go-to bag. She mentioned how easy it is to switch from a nappy bag to a work bag to a travel bag.

"I find it so strange the way the colour of a bag can impact how much you love it and want to use it. I thought my black was beautiful - stunning, even. But whenever I wore it, I felt it was wearing me. It was SO sexy - glamorous yet slightly severe - and I never felt quite well-dressed enough for it. Toffee is so chilled. It just blends with whatever else I’m wearing, and it doesn’t tell me it knows I have lost my hairbrush under the sofa. It lets me just be a mix of styles, and it lets me be a mess too if I want to. This is the end of my love song to Toffee. Thank you for listening ❤️😂"

~ Ariadne Muneer

"The leather Keri uses is the best! Water resistant perfect for today’s weather 🌧💦💪🏻
No Ambers’ were harmed for this photo (she was wiped down after the pic) 🤣"

~ Sammiantha Elcock‎

KeriKit Amber Nylon and Joy XL Review by Heidi

Nina's review on her favourite clutch, the Harry Studded Black Leather Cross Body Bag from KeriKit

We love this arrangement by one of our KitGirl's Aishwarya. Complete your Kit with these gorgeous accessories.

Our KitGirl Dominika utilized the internal organization of the Lennox with room to spare.

KeriKit Greta packing video. Pre-order opens August 2020 with stock landing in September!

Winter's packing video of KeriKit's Amber

Check out this amazing packing video of KeriKit's Lennox Crossover by Winter.

Linh's comparison video on the Joy Midi and the Amber Midi.

Packing video of KeriKit's Vicki Vegan Leather Backpack for school by the beautiful Lexi! 

"All the personal things that I need when I travel, fits into this wallet, which is absolutely amazing!" ~Nina Su

The gorgeous Greta review by our lovely KitGirl Lorin

Anna's review on the breath taking Greta Oxblood

Mirjam's packing review on KeriKit's Amber Midi Mink.

Lennox Midi in detail by founder Keri Jamieson.

Anna's Comparison review of the Sullivan Packing Pouches with the Bodhi and the Multi-use Zip top bags.

Amber full size Black Croc VS Amber Midi Black Croc.

Amber full size Mink in detail by Keri.

All our bags come with perfectly placed pockets to keep you organised, "...life's too short for rummaging..." With our waterproof lining, spills are easily cleaned up with a soft cloth.

Review of the Amber backpack by our gorgeous KitGirl Gemma. Even though we are out of stock of the Antique Rose, we have other colours to choose from with similar internal and external organisation.

Lake ride with the Joy Tech Denim backpack. Our backpacks are versatile and functional for every version of you.

Poppy review by the lovely Nina Su. Accessorise your bags with our card and coin purse.

Get to know the Frances Leather Lanyard and learn about the name behind the design The Frances comes in two sets of colours, Black + Tan and Pink Mix. A perfect combo with any of our designer bags.

The gorgeous Jennifer rocking her Greta Croc, paired with the Gretchen strap along with the Webster Zebra Webbing strap.