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Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.


Greta Orchid Pink

You guys! She's here! OP is my dream color in a bag. I really
regret not getting more…Can we bring this color back someday. It's super fun and bright. The camera doesn't capture the brightness. Thank you keri and
kerikit for helping me with amazing customer support. The kind customer service is appreciated! It means a lot to me. Can't wait to use this beauty at my step brothers wedding!


Greta with “fancy” straps was brilliant side kick at Knebworth concert yesterday! Approved size and fits anything you could possibly need Glad I got the Gretchen strap, although it might be the only time I actually used it .

(Dominika Turková)

Murphy Bum Bag - Warm Grey Conda Embossed and Rosie Packing Cube - Warm Taupe

Holy sht. These are freaking STUNNING. Good lord. I expect nothing less from Kerikit. I’m always so blown away.


Murphy is going to be a great summer bag! It's so comfy to
wear. I can't even tell it's on. I wear it crossbody with its original strap!


Greta Plain Orchid Pink

She’s here and she’s STUNNING!
I was so excited about this color because hot pink is the ribbon color for cleft lip and palate awareness! I am so happy I could
cry. I will be so proud to wear this throughout July for Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness Month. Thank you for the opportunity to create this special bag. My only regret is that I didn’t get anything else in this color.

Harry enjoying the sunshine in Tenerife #mylifemykitmyway (Chee)

So I think I'm going through a transition in life. I have ALWAYS been a big purse girl, but lately I've been gravitating towards smaller bags. I have a Full Amber in the Green and LOVE LOVE LOVE the deep rich color....soooooooo when I saw this cutie in need of a home at the Kerikit Summer Adoption Fair, I HAD to have her!!

(Missy Tate Parker)

I was on the fence about a Rosie.
Turns out it was perfect for me!

I love oversized specs but they come in massive cases that I struggle to fit in the Kerikit pockets. I had a feeling I could stack 2 pairs in a Rosie and I was right!


Best Leather Bags ever!

Kerikit has quickly become my go to bags. The leather is gorgeous and buttery soft. The internal pockets and storage make packing for kids, work or date night a breeze. On top of the amazing product, Keri and her team offer amazing customer service. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (Naomi)

Our lovely KitGirl Nina showing off her stunning Teddy Printed Clutch.

1. The Croc Lily is stunning.
2. 13 inch MBP laptop fits snuggly in laptop compartment. 14 inch Lenovo does not. (Molly)

The Government may request I work from home for now but at least my desk is full of beautiful things I love the feel of Conda it’s textured but soft and the Gunmetal is just perfect. Looking forward to my SS22 Vicki’s (Anna)


Thank you Mary Martin-Capouya for sharing with us your gorgeous dinner companion, the gorgeous Milly Croc Organiser Wallet.

My current Kerikit collection. I realized afterwards I forgot Webster straps and the Miah XL I got in an auction. As you can tell, I love Kerikit bags! I can’t wait for my Jones and Vicki journal to arrive.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (Feefo Review)

So excited my gunmetal Texas Tan Jones has arrived it’s so lovely and
soft already. (Anna)

Insanely beautiful it had been some time since I purchased a bag that’s just for me love this so much

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


I’m in love with my Midi Amber in Croc. The quality of the leather is amazing and the style is functional. I love all of the pockets and organization the bad offers. Truly a beautiful bag! (Priscilla)

This beauty came along with me today I love bright colors but sometimes I like it all black with bling. (Yukari)

Greta Studded came out to play. The Greta is adorned with Gretchen Studded strap.

Love this pic of Pippa Middleton snapped with her Amber Navy which she bought over a year ago x

Joy XL Texas Black Backpack with gunmetal hardware review from Nichole at Hello Happy Mom.

Amazing review by Kate on the Amber Midi Tan Leather backpack

Westwood is a typically phenomenal Kerikit bag. Beautifully organized and designed as usual.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (Feefo Review)

My side kick today! The gorgeous Texas tan with 2 way strap! The leather is just so lovely and smells amazing! lol (Gemma)

Finally, a day without downpours. This is my green lover.... (Barb)

it's. So. Pretty (Alley)

In case someone needs an inspiration.... (Yukari)

Tell me you have an addiction without telling me you have an addiction 😅😅😅 Thank you KeriKit for creating such beautiful bags. (Alba)

Effortless organisation with this beautiful Lennox Oxblood

The gorgeous Greta review by our lovely KitGirl Lorin

Greta Dark Grey Quilted Leather cross body bag is loved and adored by our KitGirls.

“Tan Midi Joy Tagging along with me today. Such a beautiful colour and such a perfect size for my needs at the moment”

Meet our gorgeous Greta! She is  mini leather organiser bag that doubles up as the perfect pram / buggy organiser bag so you can keep your must have essentials close by and ready.

The Greta comes in plain leather, quilted leather and croc leather.

Pairing the Lennox Black Croc with the Webster Khaki Camo strap was a genius idea by our lovely KitGirl.

Our KitGirl rocking the Webster Khaki Camo strap with her Lennox black leather.

Amber is functional, chic and versatile, perfect for everyday adventures. This black leather rucksack is also a perfect as a travel bag, a cabin bag and as a work bag.

The gorgeous Jennifer rocking her Greta Croc, paired with the Gretchen strap along with the Webster Zebra Webbing strap.

Anna's review on the breath taking Greta Oxblood

Teddy is a great clutch for a school run. Thank you to our KitGirl for sharing.

"Love my kerikit black Lennox! Adding the pop of color with the Webster strap makes it even better - Thanks KeriKit!"

Laid-back Lennox is perfect for motherhood, work and travel. Our Collection includes various colours such as: Oxblood, Dark Grey, Tan, Black, Black Croc and coming in March, Taupe.

We have two sizes for our Laidback Lennox, full size and Midi.

The Amber Tan is not only gorgeous and luxurious but also perfect for airport trips, school run, grocery store run, hospital trips and so much more.

Say hello to Amber! This luxurious versatile leather backpack comes with a unique top flap design offering easy access inside and with our signature champagne lining, it is easy to find what you're looking for.

The Amber leather backpack comes in a full size and midi size, perfect for all occassion.

We love this arrangement by one of our KitGirl's Aishwarya. Complete your Kit with these gorgeous accessories.

We Love this video review by Rosie comparing the Lennox midi to the Midi Amelia from Lily Jade -Lennox was the clear winner naturally ;)

Linh Wing's review on our Joy XL Black Studded Leather backpack. See her on-the-body view. 

What an awesome comparison review?
Glo Mama looks at the Joy Ice Grey Vs Amber Toffee. Two lovely backpacks!

"I'll be honest, I was expecting for this bag to just "pass through" my house. I was thinking it would be too large, incompatible with my packing style, and not the prettiest of bags. I mean, it doesn't even have tassels! 😉 I was SO wrong. I LOVE this bag. #amberconvert

~ Kimberly Lauber

Nina's review on her favourite clutch, the Harry Studded Black Leather Cross Body Bag from KeriKit

Thank you to our lovely KitGirl Amiee for showing her airport run with her Joy Tech Denim backpack.

The Lennox is Rosie's go-to bag. She mentioned how easy it is to switch from a nappy bag to a work bag to a travel bag.

KeriKit Amber Nylon and Joy XL Review by Heidi

Winter's packing video of KeriKit's Amber

Check out this amazing packing video of KeriKit's Lennox Crossover by Winter.

Linh's comparison video on the Joy Midi and the Amber Midi.

"All the personal things that I need when I travel, fits into this wallet, which is absolutely amazing!" ~Nina Su

Mirjam's packing review on KeriKit's Amber Midi Mink.

Anna's Comparison review of the Sullivan Packing Pouches with the Bodhi and the Multi-use Zip top bags.

Poppy review by the lovely Nina Su. Accessorise your bags with our card and coin purse.

Amber full size Mink in detail by Keri.

All our bags come with perfectly placed pockets to keep you organised, "...life's too short for rummaging..." With our waterproof lining, spills are easily cleaned up with a soft cloth.

Our KitGirl Dominika utilized the internal organization of the Lennox with room to spare.

Lake ride with the Joy Tech Denim backpack. Our backpacks are versatile and functional for every version of you.

Packing video of KeriKit's Vicki Vegan Leather Backpack for school by the beautiful Lexi! 

Review of the Amber backpack by our gorgeous KitGirl Gemma. Even though we are out of stock of the Antique Rose, we have other colours to choose from with similar internal and external organisation.

"The leather Keri uses is the best! Water resistant perfect for today’s weather 🌧💦💪🏻
No Ambers’ were harmed for this photo (she was wiped down after the pic) 🤣"

~ Sammiantha Elcock‎