Affiliate Program

What does it take to become an Affiliate?

We are looking for social media influencers and bloggers who love Kerikit to help us spread the love!

If you have high engagement and post across Instagram / YouTube or Facebook, and want to share reviews, imagery and videos of you with your Kerikit bags and accessories then please apply below.

What is a KeriKit influencer?

A KeriKit influencer is a person or company who loves KeriKit products and wants to share their views with their followers. They will have a website, blog or social media channel that promotes brands like ours and they will have KeriKit products they want to talk about.

If you are successful and refer someone to our site and they then make a first  purchase, you will be paid a sales commission of 10% of the total order value.

Please note commission is only paid on a customers first order.

What am I meant to do as a KeriKit influencer?

Promote our brand / products on your website, blog or social media channels regularly. 

For example.

  • Creating product review blogs / vlogs.
  • Posting pics of how you style you bag
  • Posting pics or videos of how you pack your bag
  • Sharing your referral link or discount code
  • Reposting any offers we have 
  • Commenting on posts

- Please note failure to post anything within a 30 day period will render your account dormant and you may be removed from the program. 

- Kerikit may withhold / refuse payment if link is being used but the affiliate isn't posting regularly and supporting the growth of KeriKit

Benefits of our influencer program
  • We pay a competitive base rate of 10% of the total basket value in commission for every new customer who places their first order
  • It's free to join
  • You'll have exclusive access to influencer only offers and promotions
  • Please note KeriKit withhold the right to refuse any application.

How do I apply? Simply Click the button below!

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