Not all bags are created equal and the same can be said of leathers. I have been working with leathers for over 25 years and I am still learning. After visiting my first tannery in Kolkata aged 23 I have since travelled through Spain, New York, Italy, China and India sourcing leathers and designing handbags and accessories for worldwide handbag brands - honing my skills before launching KeriKit 6 years ago.

Here is an overview of the leathers I have specifically developed for KeriKit to help you understand which leathers we use, why and how they differ from each other in terms of tanning and processing and the care requirements for each to help you find the perfect leather bag for you.

Clean + Protect

As leather is comprised of natural fibers, while leathers with pigmentation or printed surfaces do not require as much maintenance as naked leathers, most leathers will benefit from conditioning from time to time, especially our Signature collection. If your leather starts to lighten or feels dry then a good conditioner will return it to it’s former glory in no time. Some Leathers will appreciate a good clean and condition from new as often leathers can dry during production, shipping and waiting to make their way to you. When conditioned, your leather will be more supple, resistant to scratches, and it will look and feel amazing.