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What’s the difference between luxury packaging and eco-packaging?

We have added the option when you check out to choose what packaging you would like.

Luxury packaging means we will send your order with the smaller items in a separate gift box and include a look book and thank you note. All of these items are still recyclable, but the package you receive may be slightly larger than the eco option.

For the eco-packaging, we will pack your small items inside your largest item to bring down the size of the box as much as possible and, therefore, minimise our carbon footprint. You will receive a thank you card and postcard.

The outer box is the same for both options.

New Year Bundle

by Keri Jamieson |

Happy New Year to all my lovely KitGirls. We’ve finally seen the back of 2020 and have a whole new year to get stuck into. Maybe some of you have a baby arriving this year (congratulations if so), but certainly there will be new opportunities and challenges lying ahead for all of us. So, it’s time to throw off the lethargy and negativity of 2020 and hit 2021 with energy and enthusiasm. 

For me, the key to staying positive is staying active. Obviously, exercise is important to physical wellbeing, but what this past year has made clear is that its benefits are just as vital for mental wellbeing. At times like these, it’s all too easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour that just end up making you feel worse. Please try your best to avoid that trap, and keep an eye out for each other. Stay positive, eat healthily, drink enough water and exercise regularly. No matter how busy my life becomes I still try my best to make time for regular yoga classes.  When that’s not possible though, I find just going for a walk or bike ride really helps lift my mood and clear my mind.

My amazing Yoga studio, YogaLifeUK are now fully online and you can pay in single classes or blocks so if you have never tried yoga before and not sure where to look then these guys are great. You can find out more here.



To help you all to get out there and stay healthy in body and mind, I’ve pulled together some key items from my collection into a New Year bundle. In fact, there are two bundles: the ‘New Year New You Bundle of Joy XL’; and a similar but vegan friendly version, the ‘New Year New You Vegan Bundle’. After all, if you’re going for a long walk or off to the gym, you’ll need the right backpack and accessories to take all your stuff along with you…and you’ll obviously want to look good at the same time.


New Year New You Bundle Of Joy XL



New Year New You Vegan Bundle



Our ‘New Year New You Bundle of Joy XL’ (as the name suggests) is built around the multiple award-winning Joy XL Black Studded Leather Backpack. This comes in black leather and also a stunning grey leather backpack too. Joy is the perfect designer backpack to take anywhere and everywhere. This stylish backpack has pockets a plenty to help keep you ultra organised, plus insulated bottle holders to keep your drinks cold/hot for long periods whilst you’re out and about. The signature KeriKit waterproof jacquard lining and roomy interior makes it ideal to pop spare trainers or sweaty gym kit in. Yet its sleek design and integrated laptop sleeve make it just as at home in an office environment or as a commuter/cabin bag.


Joy XL Studded Black Leather Backpack


Joy XL Dark Grey Quilted Leather Backpack


To compliment your Joy designer backpack, I’ve added our luxurious yet practical Hepburn makeup bag.  Hepburn’s great design allows you to open it up flat, making it super easy to see and apply your makeup. Then with just a quick pull on the drawstrings you can close it up and add it to the base of your Joy backpack ready to take with you on your travels.


Hepburn Make-up Bag

Yoga clips are also included in the bundle and come as a set of two.  They attach easily to the side of the Joy backpack allowing you to take your yoga mat to the gym, or a cosy picnic blanket out on an adventure. They are adjustable too so will work any size/depth of mat, holding your mat securely and freeing up your hands.



Finally, to complete the bundle I’ve added our best-selling Tilly leather purse for free! Tilly is so stylish yet so practical I know you’ll love it.  Like Joy, the Tilly leather card holder comes in a range of colourways so the two coordinate perfectly.  It’s a great size, with oodles of credit card holders and slip pockets for notes/receipts, and a zip pocket on the outside for your coins.


Now, that covers what’s in the main bundle, but, in order to provide a Vegan friendly version, I’ve created an alternate bundle, replacing the leather items. This second bundle is called the ‘New Year New You Vegan Bundle’. You still get the Yoga Clips and Hepburn make-up bag as before, but Joy leather is swapped with our award winning vegan friendly black nylon backpack in the joy style, or you can opt for our Amber vegan friendly backpack instead. In hard-working KeriKit black satin nylon, we have switched out the Tilly leather purse and replaced this with our set of three super-handy Sullivan packing pouches.


Joy Vegan Bundle


Amber Vegan Leather

Amber offers a soft, boxy look providing loads of space inside and is packed with practical features, including a dedicated laptop sleeve to take a laptop or tablet up to 12”.  Like Joy, Amber has pockets-a-plenty inside and out, the signature KeriKit waterproof jacquard lining, and insulated bottle holders. Whether you’re out for a run, on the school-run, or running for a meeting, the Amber backpack is the perfect companion to keep you effortlessly organised and super-stylish.


As a gift to complete this bundle, you will receive the pack of three Sullivan Packing Pouches for free. Honestly guys these are so useful, I use mine all the time. Anything that can save me time and keep me organised is an essential in my life. The pouches come in slightly different sizes, and have a clear section at the front, so that you can instantly find what you’re looking for without having to stop and open each one.  What’s more, they are machine washable so no need to worry about things getting grubby. Being able to transfer your items quickly and easily from one gorgeous bag to another is a great timesaver. Just swap the packing pouches from one bag to the other and you have all your smaller items perfectly organised in an instant.


So there we go. No more excuses ladies.  Get out there and get motivated with  our New Year bundle offers.  Keep yourself healthy in body mind and spirit and good things will follow. 




Love always

Keri x

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