The Best Mother's Day Gifts For The Expecting Mother

Celebrating Mother’s Day when you’re pregnant can be quite magical. Honour the special lady in your life with these mother’s day gifts for expecting mothers. All of these gifts can easily be bought online as we are still in lockdown, so you have no excuses!

Pregnant women deserve to be pampered and there is no better day than Mother’s Day to do that. Here are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for expecting mothers that will show them that they are appreciated and loved.


Skincare & Changing bags

Skincare can make the ideal Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers as it gives someone the opportunity to try a new brand whilst getting pampered at the same time! If the expecting mum has a very specific skincare routine, you could buy those products for her, otherwise try something new.

Just make sure that you research whether the products are completely safe to use during pregnancy. I love the Oskia Skincare range, mostly because everything in the range apart from the Retinoid Sleep Serums and Vitamin E Bath Oil is completely safe to use during pregnancy. Plus, they use amazing organic essential oils which smell incredible! This handy little set is great for travel and will also fit perfectly into a baby leather changing bag!


Oskia Skincare

OSKIA Fresh Start Essentials

KeriKit Changing Backpacks

Changing Backpacks by KeriKit


As far as Mother’s Day gifts for expecting mothers go, you won’t find a gift much more thoughtful than a scrapbook. Buying gifts doesn’t always have to be expensive, as the time invested in a thoughtful gift is just as valuable!

For your partner, buy a plain scrapbook and spend some time putting in some pre-pregnancy photos, as well as some photos taken during pregnancy. You can then leave plenty of pages in the back to eventually add photos after the baby is born. This will give you something meaningful to do together and it is a Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers to keep forever.

Eternity Rings

Typically, eternity rings are given to recognise special milestones in a relationship, so having a baby definitely falls into this category! Buying an eternity ring as a mother’s day gift for expecting mothers would be really special.

The eternity rings from Dinny Hall are beautiful, with some of the rings designed to fit around the stone of an engagement ring. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers as it is sentimental and will last a lifetime.

Dinny Hall Engagement Rings

Water Bottles

Although this might seem like a strange Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers, water bottles are really important for pregnancy. Hydration is important for anyone, yet even more so when you are pregnant in order to maintain important supplies of amniotic fluid, to carry nutrients and to help the body to build tissue.

To encourage the mum-to-be to drink enough water, buy her a high quality water bottle that you know won’t leak in her bag as that would cause unneeded stress! One of my go-to water bottle brands is Larq, as I know it won’t leak, the designs are beautiful and it also purifies water on the go. This will make a thoughtful and practical Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers.

LARQ-Water Bottle

Being pregnant is difficult, and even more so in a pandemic, so use this Mother’s Day to show how appreciated the lady in your life is with these Mother’s Day gifts for expecting mothers. Whether you want to spend quite a bit of money or not much at all, as long as you put thought into the gift I’m sure it will be very well received. Take care of the expecting mothers this mother's day!


If the mum-to-be hasn’t got her dream changing bag yet, have a browse of our stylish and organised baby changing bags to see if they would be a good fit!

KeriKit England


Love always,

Keri x


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