Fun St Patrick's Day Crafts For Toddlers

I think most of us parents are desperately trying to find new ideas to keep our little ones occupied, so I thought I’d provide a bit of inspiration just in time for St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March with these fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for toddlers. This is going to involve a lot of glue, glitter and icing, so you might want to put down a very large sheet!

All jokes aside, I’m sure many of us are feeling slightly deflated, so these St. Patrick's Day crafts for toddlers offer a great opportunity to make some happy memories with your kids. The end of all this is in sight now, so keep going and stay positive because better times are on the way!


Rainbow Pot of Gold Painting

If your toddler loves painting, give this rainbow pot of gold painting a go as a St Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers. Start by drawing an outline of a pot and get them to paint it black. Whilst it’s still wet, sprinkle gold glitter over the top.

Next, draw seven curved lines in the shape of a semicircle to create a sort of rainbow template coming out of the pot of gold. Mix together the seven colours of the rainbow and then get the little ones to dip their fingers in one colour at a time and help them follow the first line. Quickly rinse the hands, then repeat with the rest of the colours on the lines to create a rainbow!

Rainbow Pot of Gold Painting

Although this is one of the messier St Patrick’s Day crafts for toddlers, it will be rewarding for your toddlers seeing it all come together. Just make sure to keep your lovely leather changing bags away at all costs! 

KeriKit Luxurious Leather Changing Bags

Shamrock Cookies

Baking can be really fun and educational for kids, so get them involved in making these shamrock cookies as a fun St Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers. You can buy a set of shamrock cookie cutters for about £6 on Amazon, or you could just cut the shapes yourself!

Make a basic sugar cookie dough, then add a few drops of green food colouring and let the kids get stuck in with mixing it all together. Roll it out and bake according to the instructions!

Mix together water and icing sugar to create a consistency that is easily spreadable. You can add more green food colouring at this point, or just keep it white. You will find lots of green sprinkles online, or you can just use what you have at home. Get the kids to spread or drizzle the icing onto the cookies and go wild with the sprinkles.

Involving kids in baking is great for their development, so even if they aren’t quite as neat as you might like, give them plenty of responsibility! This St Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers can encourage them to use their creativity and introduce them to measuring skills too.

Shamrock Cookies

For this, I’d put them into a highchair that is easy to clean, so you can get them involved but also be able to enjoy the experience without worrying that they are going to get hurt. My personal favourite is the Buffet Highchair by Silver Cross because you can remove the seat cover to wash and put the tray straight in the dishwasher!

Buffet High Chair

Doing these fun St Patrick’s Day crafts for toddlers will help to bring some positivity into your house and give your little ones something new to experience. Be patient with them and give them room to be creative and this will be great for their confidence and creative skills.

Feel free to browse our leather cross body bags for a bit of a pick me up! Made by a mother, for mothers.

Have a wonderful St Patrick's Day!😊

Love always,

Keri x


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