Luxury Baby Room Design Ideas

Us Mum’s want the best for our little ones, and that usually starts when we think about the nursery. If you’re wanting to splash out on a luxury baby room design idea, then look no further!

Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious paint colours and wallpapers, furniture and finishes to create something stylish yet playful, so both you and baby feel comfortable. Prepare to be envied after taking inspiration from these luxury baby room design ideas!


Color Tone

The best place to start when it comes to luxury baby room design ideas is choosing your colour tone. Decide whether you want to go for something more neutral and muted, or slightly more colourful and patterned.

Your baby will grow with a neutral room and softer shades of nudes, blues, greens or pinks will be very calming. A common luxury baby room design idea is to have one feature wall alongside other walls that offers something slightly more neutral, so you have the best of both worlds.

Our personal favourite is a warm grey or medium beige colour as a base. This will help to keep the room classy when you add more detailed features. Keep it simple to begin with and add the luxury with the finishing touches.

If you want something that is muted but offers a statement, then go for a Ling Lux wall mural. This is the ultimate luxury baby room design idea, as it is a hand painted mural which are photographs and printed onto matte repositionable vinyl. This will add something beautiful and luxurious to the baby room without being overbearing!

Ling Lux Mural



When it comes to creating a luxurious nursery, you need to focus on texture. My favourite luxury baby room design idea is a combination of a beautiful oak cot, changing table and drawers, with a comfy velvet armchair. The colour combination here will depend on your own preferences, but the combination of the warm wood with the more modern velvet screams luxury!

You could also go in a more decadent direction with one of these stunning cots from Bambizi, with simple white furniture to compliment it. This style would work particularly well if you were wanting a mural or brighter wallpaper. This luxury baby room design idea would look amazing if you have quite an open space, as it might be a bit much in a smaller room.

Bambizi Cots

Now, onto the exciting bit! We could chat for hours about all the luxury baby room design ideas I have when it comes to the final touches, but here are a few of my favourites.

Start with a cosy rug and cushions for the armchair. You are going to be spending a lot of time there, so it is important to make it comfy! A chunky knit throw would be lovely, perhaps in a slightly brighter shade of the colour elsewhere in the room. This will help to bring some subtle colour. You could tie this colour into a textured rug also.

Then, I think that a great place to style is above the changing table. Many luxury baby room design ideas show a few shelves a decent height above the table to store some meaningful trinkets, your favourite pair of their shoes and some books. Then, rather than going for a traditional changing mat, give this seagrass changing basket from Mama Designs a go.

It makes a beautiful addition to the nursery and will work particularly well for those of you who go for natural wood furniture. After the baby outgrows it, it can double up as lovely storage in their room!

Patterned Black Seagrass Changing Basket- Mama Design

Summary of Our Luxury Baby Room Design Ideas

Keep things simple with the colour tone, go with great quality furniture and aim for luxurious comfort with the final touches.

From a sustainable point of view, try to invest in pieces your child will grow with. Everyone’s view of luxury is different, but for me it means great quality products that look beautiful. There are so many luxury baby room design ideas out there, so you are sure to find something perfect for you.

For the Mum’s out there with a passion for all things luxury, feel free to browse our collection of baby leather changing bags that will help you to look amazing and feel even better.

KeriKit Changing Bags

Love always,

Keri x


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