The Best Staycation Choices in the UK

The last year has been testing for us all and the chances of jetting away this summer are looking less and less likely, so rather than letting it get us down we have taken a look at some of the best staycation options right here in the UK!

I found it a total revelation and cannot wait to visit some of these locations with my family over the summer holidays, and some I have visited already which I am sharing with you now :)


Kirkby Lonsdale

You will struggle to find anywhere quite as quaint and filled with character like Kirkby Lonsdale. The small historic town sits in the South of the Lake District and is filled with beautiful restaurants, independent shops and great accommodation.

The winding streets seem to go on and on which will certainly keep your little ones entertained and hopefully expend some of that gorgeous energy. Each Thursday there is a market in the square filled with independent retailers offering beautiful local products. I’m sure the highlight for you kids will be the local sweet shop that sits on the square, although for the adults the pubs are really lovely and serve great food and locally brewed beers. If you get a chance to visit the Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery I hear it is fantastic.

Dining in Kirkby Lonsdale

The best two appear to be Plato’s and Number Nine. Plato’s is a stunning bar and restaurant with fantastic food and service. There is plenty of choice and although there isn’t a children’s menu, there are a few more simple starters and sides that would be good for the kids.

Plato's Lonsdale

Number Nine offers the most beautiful tapas, we went there one year but be prepared to order plenty as you won’t know when to stop! Honestly, every dish I tasted was heavenly, so this is a must visit. Plus, there are plenty of simple options that your kids will enjoy too

Number Nine-Tapas-Kirkby Lonsdale


Things to do while visiting

You need to go to Ruskin’s View and Devil’s Bridge. There are plenty of signs in the town that will lead you to Ruskin’s View which offers a panoramic view that is breathtaking. From here, you can then walk down a scenic route to the ancient Devil’s Bridge. This will easily take up a morning and then you could relax in the brewery for the afternoon…

Ruskin's View


Devil's Bridge


Outfits for your adventures

You’ll want to make the most of the countryside in Kirkby Lonsdale, but comfy doesn't have to be ugly! Silou’s travel collection is amazing quality and so comfortable, making it ideal to throw on and look effortlessly stylish.



If it is safe to do so, visiting and exploring Edinburgh is a must. Walking through the city centre is an experience in itself, with magicians and musicians lining the streets, it's a great day out for all the family. Make sure you head to the castle, as well as The Elephant House for a glimpse of where J.K. Rowling worked on the 2nd and 3rd Harry Potter books.

For the best Indian takeaway visit Pataka, or explore Craigie’s Farm and Deli for amazing produce and child friendly options on their sit in menu. If you’re wanting something a bit fun and different, Makars Gourmet Mash Bar offers the best comfort food out there that all the family will love.

Make sure you save plenty of time to explore the city, rather than jam packing your weekend with pre-booked activities, as you will come across so many amazing things you will want to do.

St Ives

If you’re more of a beach person or family, then driving down to St Ives in Cornwall is definitely worth the effort. You’ll feel like you’re abroad, especially if you catch the good weather. The beach is one of the best features but there is so much more to St. Ives.

Scott took me here on one of my fist dates. We arrived at the beach and he handed me a strange looking hammer and exclaimed we were going to go fossil hunting! I almost called the whole thing off there and then but actually it was really quite fun breaking stones apart to see if there were any fossils inside. I found about 11 while Scotty didn't find one....

Firstly, let's start out with the essentials, fish and chips and ice cream. You can’t visit St Ives without a visit to Becks Fish and Chips. Hands down the best fish and chips out there! When it comes to ice cream, head to Moomaid of Zennor for great ice cream and sorbets right in the heart of St Ives. St Ives has such a relaxed atmosphere that you might not even feel the need to get dressed up and go out for the evening, especially when you have Becks Fish and Chips on your doorstep!

There are so many things to do from the Tate Gallery and Surfing to the Railway and boat trips to Seal Island, so you’ll definitely be kept busy. With such an active holiday, I make sure to get organised before I go using a planner. The Pareto Planners have always worked well for me, but I always remember to leave some free time for exploring so that the holiday doesn’t feel too rigid.


Before making the rash decision of booking flights to go abroad this summer, consider these amazing staycations. You will be able to make amazing memories without the stress that comes with going abroad. I think complete relaxation is well deserved after the year we’ve had! Plus, this is a great opportunity to bring some business to the UK’s economy which will be very well received.

To stay organised whilst looking good during your trip, take a look at our multipurpose leather women's travel bag and backpacks to find something perfect for you.


Here is to a great summer ahead filled with laughter, friends and new memories

Love Always,

Keri x


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