How to Care for your leather handbag

A leather bag is one of the best accessories you can invest in. If, like our Leather Bags, your bag is made using high quality leather then it will not only look good, it will also last a lifetime. You can also increase the lifespan of your leather bag if you know how to take care of it! In this article I have rounded up all of my top tips for leather care so that you can keep your bag in the best possible condition, for as long as possible.

How to clean your leather handbag 

To ensure you get the longest possible lifespan out of your leather handbag I strongly recommend that you start your cleaning and care routine as soon as you get it. Don’t wait until your leather bag is starting to look a bit sad before you start cleaning and treating it. Leather is an extremely durable material so if you take care of it from day one it will remain in prime condition for much longer than you might expect.

One of the first things you should do when taking care of your leather handbag is to apply leather protection cream straight away. This will essentially add a layer of protection that covers the surface of the leather and this will protect it from being marked or stained. Don’t wait to apply, this is best done as early as possible. When it comes to cleaning your leather bag I would recommend that you stick to specialist cleaning products. While it can be tempting to experiment with home remedies such as vinegar, you run the risk of drying out and damaging the leather so we don't advise that!

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Another simple step you can take to make your leather handbag last longer is to store it inside a dust bag when not in use. Every bag we sell comes with it's own dust bag but if you don’t have a dust bag, an old pillowcase will work just as well. This will save you a bit of cleaning and keep the surface of the leather dust and dirt free too. You should also stuff your leather bag with a soft material such as an old t-shirt when you’re not using it. This will stop your bag from being squished in the wardrobe and will result in your bag holding its shape for much longer.

How to maintain the condition of high quality leather

Conditioning is a step that a lot of people overlook when it comes to caring for their leather handbags. Which is a shame because it makes such a difference to the longevity of your bag. Apply your leather conditioner regularly and pay particularly close attention to the base as this is where it gets the most abuse. Additionally, just like a good pair of shoes, leather bags will look better and last longer if they are regularly polished. When using a leather polish for the first time, make sure you test it out on a discreet area of the bag first, just in case it causes discolouration. our leather clean and protect set have been tested on light colours and our naked leather Signature collection and we didn't notice and changes in the leather colour but do always check as this can happen.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your leather bag you should also avoid exposing it to the rain. However, this is not always possible and you will get caught out eventually. If you are caught in the rain, don’t wipe, be sure to dab away the raindrops with something soft and let it dry. after its dry you can clean and condition it and any stains should dissapear.

My final piece of advice for maximising the longevity of your leather bag is to be careful when using it to carry any kind of cosmetics or beauty products. These are often the worst culprits for discolouring a leather bag and the stains they cause can be really tough to get out. If you spill any kind of cosmetic on your leather bag be sure to wipe with a clean damp cloth as soon as possible. 

If you want to minimise the risk of discolouring your leather, our Hepburn Make-up Bag is a great option. This stylish make-up bag makes finding your make-up easy and will keep your toiletries organised and securely in place, so your leather bag is safe from spills, leaks and discolouration.

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Caring for your leather handbag and giving back 

As I said before, the best thing about a good leather handbag is that it will last a lifetime if you treat it right. And if you’re like me, you will probably be looking for a new one before your current bag is actually past its time. I’m not judging, we all like shiny new things. But if you take good care of your leather bag then it means that someone else less fortunate than you can benefit from it as well.

Smart works is an organisation that helps deserving women get back into the workplace and feel confident about themselves again. This is the perfect place to donate your leather bag, so that your bag can be used to empower another woman in her journey to return to work. Empowering women with Smark works is something I am really passionate about, so if you donate your pre-loved KeriKit bag, we will give you up to 15% off your next purchase as a thank you for your support.

Caring for your leather bag is good for you, other women and the environment! 

There really is no reason not to be taking good care of your leather bag and ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. It means that you get to enjoy your bag for longer and it's better for the environment since you won’t need to buy a new one anytime soon. The environmental impact of leather is something we are aware of and that is why we offset our carbon footprint by planting one tree for every sale made. So all we ask is that you do your bit by taking good care of your bag.

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