The top 6 baby travel essentials for your leather travel bag

Travelling with a baby can be a wonderful experience for you and your family if you prepare properly. But it can also turn into an absolute nightmare if you find yourself on a long journey without the right supplies and a tantruming baby to keep under control. You also don’t want to ruin your holiday mood by getting into a stressful and potentially messy situation without having the things you need. That is why I have decided to dedicate this blog post to travel essentials you NEED in your leather travel bag when travelling with a baby.

Mum Tip! - I took Jasper to Greece for 3 weeks when he was just 3 weeks old - I spent ages finding fabulous things such as as samsonite pop up bassinet, sterilising tablets and other handy things so everything fitted into one case - genius until the case gets lost and doesn't get found and delivered for 2 weeks! Now whenever I go away I make sure I have enough things in my hand luggage to survive and always pack some extra underwear, a toothbrush, a bikini and anything else I might need until I can find a shop! Travelling with 3 kids has it’s challenges but if you read this blog and get prepared you will be just fine.

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#1 Baby travel essential - Self sterilising bottles 

Self sterilising bottles are absolutely essential if you are going to be travelling with a baby. For your own sake, you must avoid having a hungry baby at all costs! It can be difficult to calm a crying baby that is hungry and also in an unfamiliar environment. So having self sterilising bottles on hand to provide a quick feed if need be is a lifesaver. I would recommend the MAM Anti-Colic bottle. They come in a convenient size and you get three of them for a very reasonable price.

#2 Baby travel essential - Dummies

As a mother you are probably apprehensive of tantrums already but while you are travelling is the worst time to have a tantruming baby. Whether you’re jetting off abroad or on a family road trip, you don’t want your baby screaming the place down while you try to reach your destination! So be sure to take your baby’s dummy with you as this can be a surprisingly quick fix for an agitated little one. If your child is a little older a lollipop is also a great idea for take off or a snack such as raisins are a good option too. If you are still at milk stage then a quick feed on take off is a great way to help their ears pop as the air pressure changes.


#3 Baby travel essential - Full change of clothes 

Some baby’s don’t mind being filthy but if you aren’t able to get a change done quickly, a bit of discomfort can escalate into a full on tantrum. Luckily for you there are some easy ways to prevent this happening to you. I would recommend always taking a full change of clothes in your leather travel bag. It’s always better to be prepared so make sure you take more than you need! It can be easy to forget smaller items like socks. However these are important to have with you in case your baby’s feet get cold.

#4 Baby travel essential - Extra blanket 

Travelling anywhere can often involve long waiting times. So you should definitely take an extra blanket for your baby, to keep them warm if you are going to be stationary for a while. Also keep in mind that keeping your baby warm during a long wait may not be enough. You will also need to keep them entertained and so it is always a good idea to take your baby’s favourite toy with you in your leather travel bag as well!

#5 Baby travel essential - Nappies for the journey and spares for your leather travel bag 

You MUST remember to bring enough nappies with you in your leather travel bag. This is probably the worst thing you could forget as they are vital for ensuring a smooth journey and they are also not easily available all the time. As a general rule, if you are flying, take one nappy per hour of travel time plus two for the airport.

#6 Baby travel essential - Baby sleeping bag

If you have ever travelled with a baby before you will know that if your baby does not get a good night’s sleep, neither will anyone else. So I cannot recommend this baby sleeping bag enough. It will keep your little on cosy, it is modestly priced and it will even fit inside your leather travel bag!

Baby Travel Essentials for your Leather Travel Bag

Don’t forget any of your baby travel essentials - pack them in your leather travel bag

Travelling with a baby can be stressful at times but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Preparation is key when travelling anywhere but especially so when travelling with young children. So use this list of baby travel essentials to your advantage and make sure your next family outing goes off without a hitch!

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