Signature Collection Leather Bags

Our stunning Signature Collection includes a selection of premium naked leather bags from your favourite collections including the Lennox, Joy, Jones, Greta, Teddy, Harry, Oprah and Rosie. Beautiful, practical and built for every version of you, this collection encompasses bags and accessories that are intelligently designed to support your busy schedule.

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The Signature Collection features versatile, luxurious leather backpacks, handbags, crossbody bags and accessories that are lined with our signature KeriKit waterproof jacquard lining, keeping you effortlessly organised and elegantly stylish at all times.

This gorgeous collection is the perfect option for those who are environmentally conscious too. Our four signature leathers - Texas, Conda, VT Milled and Nubuck - use less water, chemicals and chrome during the tanning process making them a more sustainable option and great choice for the surrounding environment.

From £10 GBP