Things to Pack on Your Baby's First Day Out

Don't get us wrong, baby's first day out is an exciting event for the whole family. If you're new to parenting, though, it can also be a daunting one. You've stayed at home with everything within arm's reach for so long; how on earth do you figure out what to pack for a day out?! Luckily, we're here to help you fill in the blanks. Make sure you've packed the following bits and pieces, and you'll have the best-prepared baby on the block.
  1. Start with an appropriate vessel

You won't be packing anything if you don't have a sturdy bag in which to store it! These days, you can find lots of nice changing bags to suit different budgets but of course if its quality and versatility that you are looking for then it has to be a KeriKit obviously! with the new Vegan leather range just launching this weekend there should be something to suit mist budgets. From super-organisable backpacks to sleek changing totes, you'll be sure to find a bag that suits the needs of you and your baby. each bag has insulated bottle holders, wipe clean lining and they come with a machine washable changing mat and multi use zip top bag - sorted!
  1. Pack the fun

If you have older kids to entertain as well as a baby to care for, then you'll be doing the whole family a service by packing some entertainment-related activities and objects. For baby, make sure to bring any favourite dummies or soft toys to keep them occupied. For kids who are school-aged or older, you might consider installing pocket WiFi in the car. It's not the most appealing option for a parent, certainly, but when you're really desperate for quiet and want to focus on your baby, internet access might well be the most effective pacifier. another option is to get some great sing a long songs - by the time you get to your destination your rendition of Frozen will be perfect (in your ears!)
  1. Secure the snacks

Whether you express milk or use formula, bring along a full bottle or three for baby (the precise number will depend on how many feed times you're going to miss when you're out and about). And take heed of this insider tip from seasoned mothers: bring along hot or warm water in a well-sealed flask so that you can heat up the bottle without having to beg for water in town. Or better still, don't heat your milk at all. boil and sterilize your bottle and add boiling water to sterilize the milk if using formula, then let it cool down and serve at room temperature. takes away the hassle completely of having to get it to the perfect temperature. Keri bought all her 3 up that way and swears by it. To keep your own energy up, bring along a healthy snack like a muesli bar or piece of fruit, as well as plenty of bottled water (and potentially a chocolate bar for a quick sugar rush). Graze are a great option and they have kid options too
  1. Keep things hygienic

Your nappy bag is your safety blanket while away from home. Pack baby wipes, nappies (obviously), nappy sacks or bags to dispose of used nappies, nappy cream, hand sanitizer for the unlucky nappy-changer, spare clothes for baby in the case of a poo explosion, and any other bits and pieces you find invaluable for baby's hygiene needs. Also if you are breastfeeding don't forget the all important breast pads and Lansinoh nipple cream, nothing gets you down more than cracked nipples! - quick tip - its also amazing for your lips :)
  1. Immortalise the moment

It's the first-time parent's favourite device, the humble camera! Memorialise your baby's first day out for years to come by bringing along a digital or Polaroid camera in your own handbag. If you've got older kids, charge them with photographer's

duties while you're bustling around.

  1. Bring along your calmness

Going out with the baby for the first time can be emotionally taxing, and you might find yourself stressing about making the whole experience perfect. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to spend hours and hours packing the car full to the brim with disaster-scenario‚precautionary measures. As long as you've got the basics, you'll be fine and besides, anything you find yourself sorely without on a long trip away from home, you can easily pop into a local department store or supermarket to grab it. The best thing you can bring along on your baby's first day out, then, is a calm, collected attitude: what will be, will be, and if your first time doesn't go perfectly, you can always have another go tomorrow. Guest post by Allison ~Hail

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Allison Hail is a freelance writer based in Wellington, NZ who finds inspiration in everyday moments - a smile from a stranger, the sound of a baby's laughter, the smell of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or getting lost in a great book. To know more about Allison, visit her Tumblr page Allison's Perspective

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