The Non-Leather Collection has Landed - Meet the First in the Range

At KeriKit we aim to empower women with a handbag that reflects who she is and caters for where she is going. We want to offer women a wider choice of changing bag that will tailor fit their individual lifestyle and change with them from baby bag to work bag. That's why alongside our gorgeous luxury leather collection we are proud to introduce our new non-leather range. Featuring innovative materials and with the KeriKit ethos woven into their DNA, the non-leather range offers even more style options at a slightly lower price point, without ever compromising on the impeccable quality you have come to expect from KeriKit. So, meet the first backpack in the range - the Vicki.

Proudly created in collaboration with Vicki Psarias aka blogger Honest Mum and author of the bestselling book, Mum boss, the Vicki backpack combines our award-winning silhouette and luxurious practicality with Vicki's vibrant style. Featuring innovative, hardwearing nylon with vegan leather trims and gold hardware, the Vicki is the ultimate mummy bag for women who work. As a strong, driven woman with career goals as well as kids, Vicki epitomises the KeriKit brand & now there is a KeriKit that epitomises her!

Thank you, Vicki, for working so closely with us throughout the entire design process, from conception to delivery - it took us 6 whole months to get it perfect but it was totally worth it!

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