The Unspoken Contents Of Your Kerikit Bag...

I don’t know about you, but when we were children, we were taught that it’s always taboo to go into a woman’s handbag. When asked to fetch mum’s bag, you always had to ‘pass it to mum’, and never go into it yourself.

Being the naturally inquisitive, curious but obedient children that we were, this meant that we never dared venture into it, but ‘Mum’s Bag’ was placed on such a pedestal that it proceeded to taunt us daily, with our imaginations running wild. Dads across the land knew ‘the rules’ too.

We wondered – whatever could be inside, that was SO secret that nobody was allowed to see?

-Top secret spy information?

-Dangerous (but small?!) weapons??

-Trinkets gathered from crypts and ancient tombs that mum explored single-handedly, a’ la Indiana Jones???

As adults we know it’s highly unlikely that the forbidden bags contained any of these crazy contents; but the contents of our own bags are no less cherished.

What’s inside our bag, if organised well, is essential to a day running smoothly.

Indiana Jones had nothing on us!

Our daily survival kit takes WAY more planning and organising than his did (plus he had an entire crew to organise him – but that’s beside the point!). Pens, phones, receipts, snacks, keys, money, credit cards and that’s before you get into work gear like a laptop, or baby paraphernalia!

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present this year, why not give the gift of an easier day? With perfectly-placed pockets, and sections for all mum’s treasures, she’ll absolutely love not only putting her life into her bag, but being able to keep that life organised too.

And you never know – if you play your cards right – you might get to see what’s inside it this time

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Love always

Keri xx

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