Say Hello to the Midi’s!

We Are Super Excited To Announce The Launch Of Our Midi Leather Bags!

In-fact we have been so busy since they dropped getting all the pre-orders and new orders out that this is the first chance we have had to let the rest of you know! Sales have been so string that on some styles we have nearly sold out already which is so bloody exciting and I am so glad they have been so well received. Based on this more Midi’s will follow. 😊

So what are the Midi’s I hear some of you ask! Well they are exactly the same as our normal leather bags and backpacks but just 20% smaller. At the moment the two new bags we have introduced are the Lennox and the Amber.

The Lennox Midi


If You Want A Bag That Takes You From Baby To The Boardroom In Style Then This Is The Bag For You.

This beautiful midi leather bag is perfect for every dimension of you. If you need to use it as a changing bag she can be your faithful companion helping to keep you organised when you need it most. If you need the ultimate work bag but want to travel a bit lighter then the Lennox Midi leather slouch bag can hold all your essentials with ease. Or perhaps you just want a gorgeous leather bag that keeps you looking super stylish and ultimately organised? Either way all of these are possible with the Lennox crossbody changing bag.

If you want to learn a bit more about how easily they pack up for every version of you then here is a link to our new video.

You still get all the same gorgeous features as you do with the regular Lennox but now it has added features! The new Lennox crossover bag can be worn 3 ways! You get to choose to wear it your way. Firstly there is the shoulder option, or maybe opt for across the body or enjoy hands free fun with our new backpack option. Inside its nice and light so you can find everything and the perfectly placed pockets ensure everything is right where it should be saving you precious time too.

The Amber Midi

If You Want A Bag That Takes You From Play Date To Date Night In Style Then This Is The Bag For You.

This beautiful backpack is perfect for every version of you. she is your faithful companion on every adventure making it fun, stylish and organised rather than frantic and stressful which nobody wants!

You still get all the same gorgeous features as you do with the regular Amber. It has the slide over straps so you can glide through check in and your bag won’t fall of your case and bash your ankles!

Inside you will find our waterproof champagne jacquard lining and our perfectly placed pockets. There is the security pocket to prevent unwanted attention and an integrated laptop sleeve that sits close to your body so its kept nice and safely stowed away until you need it.

To see the packing video on this gorgeous little number follow the link below

You aren’t one dimensional so why should your bag be? You shouldn’t’ have to choose between fashion and function and now with KeriKit and the new midi’s you don’t have too.

Don’t worry, at KeriKit we have you covered, whether you are looking for the perfect ladies laptop bag, the ultimate gym bag or travel bag or the ideal baby changing bag we are confident we have the right bag for you.

I have used my 25 years of accessory design experience combined with 7 years as a mother of 3 children to bring you designs made to make your life easier and that little bit more stylish too.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.


Love always

Keri x


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