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What’s the difference between luxury packaging and eco-packaging?

We have added the option when you check out to choose what packaging you would like.

Luxury packaging means we will send your order with the smaller items in a separate gift box and include a look book and thank you note. All of these items are still recyclable, but the package you receive may be slightly larger than the eco option.

For the eco-packaging, we will pack your small items inside your largest item to bring down the size of the box as much as possible and, therefore, minimise our carbon footprint. You will receive a thank you card and postcard.

The outer box is the same for both options.

Why Buy a Leather Changing Bag?

by Keri Jamieson |

If you are lusting after a leather baby changing but can't justify the spend then you need to read this. Having spoken with experts in their market and their customers - Mummy & little me have been telling us their first time mum's have one big regret, that they did not buy the bag they really wanted the first time round! So before you commit take advice from the experts, your parents or friends who have already had a baby and they will tell you the same. Firstly we think you that you deserve it for carrying a baby around for 9 months, Secondly, your baby will be showered with gifts, many it won't even use. This is a special purchase just for you but also one that will help all of you stay happy and organised from birth - and for years to come. A large number of our customers are second-time mothers here at KeriKit who realise their first bag was not big enough and after a year it has fallen apart from over stuffing and wear and tear. First-time mothers often scrimp with their first bag as the most financial focus is on their unborn baby. However after a couple of years of making do they are frustrated that not only is the bag too small, they have wasted their hard earned money as it wasn't the bag they really wanted in the first place! A good leather bag will last you for many years. They often look better the more you use them and they won't go out of fashion. Most importantly our KeriKit bags don't look like a baby changing bag. You can use them for work, days out or even an overnight stay thanks to the unique internal removable organiser (IRO) and gorgeous, timeless designs. So to summarise:
  1. Better Value - in the long run why waste money on a bag you don't really want and one that's not big enough and won't last? A KeriKit bag is a considered purchase but one that will last well beyond early motherhood. Over one year the cost per use will equate to less than a cup of coffee a day!

  2. A leather bag is good for your mental health you will feel good, look fabulous and be organised from day one.

  3. Good for your relationship If they buy the bag for you it lets them off the hook and you can be eternally grateful, for a week or so ;)

  4. Better for your baby - A happy, organised mummy = a happy baby!

  5. KeriKit bags change with your lifestyle - You are not buying one of our bags just for the time you are a mother. KeriKit have designed timeless functional styles that will last you a life time.

  6. In 2016 you can get your KeriKit bag personalised with either your initials or you child's - making it totally unique to you.
If you need any help or advise on picking the best bag for your needs just drop us an email or give us a call. Below is an email I received today from one of our customers which not only made us very happy (as we love to hear such great feedback) it also backs up perfectly what we have written above!

Dear Keri

I am writing to thank you for the KeriKit bag I bought for my wife. As you know it was intended to be a surprise, which we achieved, and she was absolutely thrilled! My wife first saw the bag at the baby show in London and didn't stop talking about it on the way home leaving me little room for manoeuvre! I will be honest and say that I did have some initial concerns that my wife was simply attracted to the aesthetic appeal of your bags but now it has arrived it clearly a very functional bag. I have been 'dragged' around various high street stores looking at every available changing bag so I believe I offer an expert opinion!!! My wife and I spend a great deal of time outdoors walking and I often find the bag thrown over my shoulder. The look is growing on me! Obviously the style and quality lends itself to more sophisticated settings but that's my wife's concern. Her girlfriends are all very envious! I also want to thank you for the amazing level of service you provided. It was really nice experience being in contact with you and I would recommend anybody considering purchasing a bag to make contact. You provided me with all the information I needed and there was no sales pressure whatsoever. It did simply felt like discussing the purchase with a friend! Thank you. I was also extremely impressed with the extra effort you made to get the bag to me before the due date; it arrived in perfect time. Keri, I cannot fault this purchase the bag is stunning, practical and again the service was fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Keri Kit to anyone. Thanks again.


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