Having a Baby? Hurrah! How to Stay to Fit and Healthy

Staying Healthy For You and Your Baby

Good health is essential throughout your pregnancy for both you and your baby. Some say that the calmer you are throughout your pregnancy the calmer your baby is once it's born. So, try to do as much as you can of what you like and don't work too hard! I did a course on Hypnobirthing when having my first baby and whilst we had a few challenges during labour it did change my outlook on the pregnancy from utter fear to a feeling of calm and almost excited as I went from thinking I couldn't do it (with my bad back / slipped disc) to feeling in control, and with that came calm.


Exercises You Can do to Stay Fit and Healthy if You’re Having a Baby

Exercising during pregnancy will help you to look good but more importantly, to feel good. Anything from walking, yoga, swimming or Pilates can be of great benefit to you and your growing baby. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise each day during pregnancy to help with circulation, improve muscle strength, increase your energy levels and reduce that horrible backache. However, always check with your doctor first. If you were active before you fell pregnant then there is no reason why you cannot carry on, just don't start something new and too aerobic as your body won't be prepared for it! For pregnancy exercise inspiration, this article includes some of the best exercises to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. 

Pregnant Mum Swimming

Being pregnant can be a bumpy ride and you might not always have access to health facilities or have an available slot in your busy schedule to go to the gym. If you’re concerned about time or access to health facilities, here are 5 exercises you can do at home to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. If you’re someone who loves to exercise, you might want a bag to keep your fitness gear in that can also double up to store essential baby changing items once your little one arrives. Your wish is our command and our range of Baby Leather Changing Bags have been designed to be stylish but versatile, perfect for active mums and mums to be.

 Baby Changing Bags


Healthy Things to Eat and Drink if You’re Having a Baby

Try to keep yourself hydrated! I understand that towards the end of your pregnancy your bladder is squashed by your ever growing bump but try to sip water as often as you can and avoid caffeine! The food that you eat throughout your pregnancy is carried through to your baby and is vital for their foetal development. A healthy diet can reduce morning sickness and fatigue and keep you energised throughout the day. Everyone has their Achilles heel, be it chocolate, crisps or a cream cake and I am not saying don't have one, just don't eat the whole dozen! While the sugar hit may feel great for a few minutes it won't sustain you all day I am afraid. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, Vitamin C, Iron rich foods, the right fats and whole grains. Spinach, liver, egg yolks and fatty fish are also great for your baby's brain development. With businesses such as Hello Fresh, eating a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy couldn't be easier and with delivery straight to your door you don't even have to go out and hunt for the ingredients!

 Food to eat During Pregnancy


Foods to avoid if you're having a baby

There are some foods it's advised to steer clear of during your pregnancy. These include raw eggs, unpasteurized milk or cheese. Mouldy cheese such as brie or stilton, cured meats, caffeine, and undercooked meat, seafood or poultry. If you are feeling stressed about foods that are unsafe to eat during pregnancy, you can find out more at Babycentre. If you have any known allergies then speak to your doctor.



Bad Habits to Avoid in Order to Stay fit and Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Bad habits, we all have them but some are worse than others. As a mother to be, you have taken on the huge responsibility to nurture and care for your child for the rest of your life. So the key message is to be RESPONSIBLE for your actions. Drinking, Drugs and alcohol consumption can cause a huge range of problems for your growing baby. Any of these consumed by the mother will enter the babies bloodstream and can cause anything from ectopic pregnancies, premature births, low birth weight, abnormal growth, and miscarriage. If you do feel the need for a drink then one glass of wine or champagne per week is considered to be ok however best to check the guidelines first as these change all the time! Generally, you should avoid drugs and alcohol to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, for you and your baby. Experts state that you should only eat approximately 300 calories more than you did before becoming pregnant. If you monitor what you eat in a day then you can see what you actually need to amend, if anything. A bad diet is a trap that many people fall into that usually creates more fatigue and thereby the vicious circle continues as they grab a sugary snack to give them a quick fix.

 Food safe for Consumption

 Pregnant Mum Food

Vitamins and Medicine, What you Should and Shouldn’t Take if You're Having a Baby

When you are pregnant, it's amazing what you cannot take if you are feeling under the weather! Even a paracetamol or an ibuprofen is not considered a good idea during pregnancy, and if you get a cold you cannot take your usual cough medicine or Lemsip to get you through. The best solution is to stock up on vitamins in the hope you then stay fit and well. I found Zeta West offers a great balanced range of vitamins specifically tailored to each trimester of your baby's growth.  If you have a cold during your pregnancy, Olbas oil on your pillow can do wonders to help you get to sleep.

 Pregnant MUM vitamins


Staying Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy and Dealing With Stretch Marks

I am a size 10 but when I had the twins I was HUGE!!! I cannot say if my lack of stretch marks is down wholly to slathering Bio Oil on every day but I do think keeping yourself moisturised and hydrated each day does help. Also the more you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the better equipped you will be to cope when your little one is born, and if you do manage to keep fit you will bounce back in no time. 

 Bio Oil for Pregnant Mum

Top Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy During You're Pregnancy

If you're having a baby, staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy may not be the first thing on your mind. But if you want to bounce back like a spring chicken after giving birth, maintaining a good exercise routine and balanced diet can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a stylish but versatile bag that you can use throughout your pregnancy health and fitness journey as well as once baby arrives, take a look at our gorgeous range of baby leather changing bags.


Best of luck with it all and love always,

Keri xx



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