Top 6 Gift Ideas For A Pregnant Mum

With the holiday season upon us, we're wondering who else is looking for something special, to treat that special someone who is expecting a special arrival? Look no further, and stress no more, Kerikit have compiled a list of 6 perfect gift ideas for a pregnant mum!

Gift Ideas:

  1. Kerikit Luxury Changing Bag 'Changes With You' The perfect companion for any expecting mother. Luxurious, practical and stylish. Kerikit bags make pregnant life that little bit easier, and they do it in style.
  2. Ash Virgin Buckle Trainers Classic & comfy footwear. A true treat for the feet!
  3. Isabella Oliver Party Dress Because being pregnant doesn't mean you can't have fun. Show your loved one that the party is still going for them.
  4. Billionaires Truffles – Fancy chocolates, no explanation needed here!
  5. Weekend Away @ Laythams Lakehouse - Take a weekend to indulge and relax, just the get away you need!
  6. Links of London - Rose Gold Vermeil Bracelet – This classic-look piece is the perfect gift for any fashion conscience lady.
For more great gift ideas for that special someone this holiday season, take a trip around our online store. To keep up to date on all things 'mum/fashion' related, be sure to check back in on our weekly blog - where we'll be bring you the latest trends and tips. We hope this quick list has given you some good gift ideas for that ever-deserving mother to be!

Keri xx

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