Teething? - 7 tips to ease the pain!

It’s very exciting to see your babies first tooth, although it can also be very distressing seeing your little one is such discomfort. Before it even appears, here are
some signs it’s probably on its way:

Drooling (often buckets!), sleeplessness, crankiness, loss of appetite, puffy gums, pulling at their ear, flushed cheeks, biting, gnawing, grabbing their thumb, fist or your finger to shove
anything into their tiny little mouths.

Here our my 7 recommended teething products to help you and your little one:

  1. Sophiesticated Teether Set, Sophie the Giraffe (Sophie La Girafe) – This has to be the ‘Mother of all Teethers’ – Born in 1961, surely it’s now an icon?!
  1. The Izzy Melody Baby Bangle – Pop it in the fridge for extra coolness and, as an added bonus, mum can wear it.
  1. Nuby Twista Ball, Bug a Loop, & Icybite Keys Bundle – The wonderful bright colours are a winner at distracting the pain.
  1. Nelsons Teetha teething Gel or Granules– A homeopathic/herbal medicinal product, easy to apply when you’re on the go.
  1. Ashtons & Parsons Infants Teething Powder – A traditional herbal medicinal product for babies from 3 months, helps relieve sore and tender gums.
  1. MAM Teether Range, Starter & Clip 1+, Mini Cooler & Clip 2+, Bite & Brush 3+, Cooler 4+, and Bite & Play 6+months – In pop pink, blue, and splash of green, they grow with your baby, encouraging motor development.
  1. Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew – A teether attached to 18 gorgeous ‘on trend’ bibs. Who needs a funky top when you have this, we absolutely love them! – No chance of losing your teether, whilst soaking up the dribble.

If all else fails, grab a flannel and run it under a cold tap and let your little treasure chomp away, or let them suck on an ice cube…. Pop 3 more in a glass and cover with your
favourite drink and hopefully both of you will be calm in no time

Fortunately, there’s plenty of room in your ever so luxurious Kerikit bag to have them all!

Keep up the good work, you are all doing great!

Keri xx

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