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What’s the difference between luxury packaging and eco-packaging?

We have added the option when you check out to choose what packaging you would like.

Luxury packaging means we will send your order with the smaller items in a separate gift box and include a look book and thank you note. All of these items are still recyclable, but the package you receive may be slightly larger than the eco option.

For the eco-packaging, we will pack your small items inside your largest item to bring down the size of the box as much as possible and, therefore, minimise our carbon footprint. You will receive a thank you card and postcard.

The outer box is the same for both options.

3 Reasons Backpacks Make the Perfect Changing Bag

by Keri Jamieson |

When you hear the word backpack you would be forgiven for conjuring images of awkward teens waiting for the school bus or primary school kids with a teddy bear strapped to their back. Now with brands like Burberry and Chanel paying homage to the archive style, the backpack has been revived and it's fast becoming the new must-have accessory. But this trend isn't just a novelty or a fashion fad, for mothers everywhere backpacks are a complete godsend. Here's why... 

1. They're Practically Perfect

Backpacks are Practically PerfectThe classic backpack silhouette means a spacious internal you can actually see inside is standard. With perfectly placed pockets designated for all your mummy needs including up to 4 bottle holders for hydration on the go, the backpack is far more practical than most styles. And because you're hands-free you can indulge in the luxury of the use of both hands‚ something which becomes a rarity when you're pushing a pram AND tensing your arm to keep your shoulder bag on your shoulder AND holding the hand of your little one who has just learnt how fun it is to run everywhere. They're stroller friendly too. Although buggy clips are available at check-out, most backpacks can be hung over buggy handles using their straps too. 

2. You Can Flaunt Your Fashion Identity

Yes, they're a super practical changing bag, but practical doesn't have to be ugly. All too often women feel they lose their own identity when they have a child. They feel pigeonholed to be just a mother‚ with their name permanently changed to Jasper's mum. That's why the founder of KeriKit and fellow mum of three Keri Jamieson designs beautiful changing bags which find beauty in the organisation. Each fashion-forward design allows the modern mother to flaunt her personality and feel fabulous without ever compromising on functionality, so she can remain effortlessly organised whilst raising the next generation in style.  

3. Work-Life Balance is in the Bag with our Amber Backpack

From the design of the bags right down to the way our company is run, KeriKit aims to empower women to be everything they want to be, as mothers and as businesswomen. Because no woman's life is one dimensional, and you need a changing bag that can multitask alongside you. That's exactly what the intelligently-designed Thor backpack does. With two separate internal compartments to keep women organised from the sales meeting to the school run, Thor has your work-life balance in the bag. From hospital bag to changing bag, handbag to work bag, KeriKit is with you every step of the way. And thanks to the beautiful hardworking leathers that make a KeriKit, each bag endures. So when your little one is not so little any more KeriKit changes with you. They're not just a bag for motherhood, they are a bag for life, keeping you completely ready for whatever that may bring. So if you're experiencing analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing your changing bag don't rule out the backpack - it could become your new best friend.

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