New Year Fad or New Year New Me? 3 Top Tips to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Although the hangover makes you feel like doing nothing, New Year is always the time we feel most motivated to make a change in our lives. And yet so often we get to March and we can't even remember where our trainers are, let alone our promise to go for a run every morning before work. All that New year, new me chat seems like a bit of a joke.

There is definitely a trick to making resolutions stick. Whether its giving something up or starting something worthwhile, resolutions are all about forming a new habit. And there are three golden rules to make that happen:
  • Make it easy
  • Be self-compassionate
  • Do it in the morning
Simples. Okay it may sound more straightforward than you find it in reality, but applying these three rules will turn your fads into actual, tangible change. So, here are our top resolutions that definitely, definitely WILL stick. (Probably).
  1. Ugh, I need to detox. I'm going to drink one of those lurid green juices everyday.

The active detox ingredient in all those smoothies is the citric juices - so get straight to the point with this alternative you unrealisticly don't spend £90 on a Nutribullet when you could try drinking hot water with honey and lemon. Much easier, and it's a gentle, yet powerful detoxification agent. Oh, and it is much less calorific than a detox smoothie. Top tip: Try switching your morning cuppa with honey and lemon ‚Äì due to higher cortisol levels when we wake up we're more likely to form a habit of it in the morning.

  1. Ugh, I have a belly to rival Santa's. I'm going to join the gym and I'm going every morning before work.

Yoga Life have studios in Altrincham and Wilmslow, and in amongst all the sweat, the heat, the bending and the breathing you will find absolute bliss and peace. First of all, that sounds like self-criticism, which is the biggest obstacle for habit forming. Self-criticism = less motivation = less self-control. So be kind to yourself. Second of all, recent studies have shown that people who travelled 8km to the gym went once a month, whereas people who travelled 6km went five or more times a month. So make your exercise changes easy! And don’t just assume the gym is the best way to achieve your goals there are so many different ways to get fit and tone up. As an ex gym-bunny myself I have been completely converted to hot yoga. The holistic approach is so much better for your wellbeing – it teaches you mindful techniques you can take off the mat and into your life. It also helps that working out in 40 degrees burns fat like candle wax; I feel better than ever and I find myself wanting to go. If you’re in the Cheshire area sign up to YogaLife trust me you will convert.

  1. Right. I am not going to get stressed this year.

Our Thor Backpack is truly multifunctional - the ultimate bag for life.[/caption] This one is probably the most common and yet it is the most unrealistic. As a mother of three and director of my own company, life is a game of spinning plates and I have finally learnt that it's pretty normal for it to get stressful at times, it is the way you deal with it that matters. So change this resolution to i'm going to make sure I have a healthy work-life balance‚ a much more realistic. And then break this resolution down into easy achievable goals. If you have the luxury of being able to work from home then promise yourself you'll do so at least once a week. The 9-5 commute seems so archaic in an increasingly interconnected world thanks to the internet, and it's just unnecessarily stressful. That's why I designed Thor - with two compartments it has your work-life balance in the bag, so you can seamlessly adapt from namaste at nine to your team meeting at ten. Start 2018 with a tidy bag and trust me, the tidy mind will follow.

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