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What’s the difference between luxury packaging and eco-packaging?

We have added the option when you check out to choose what packaging you would like.

Luxury packaging means we will send your order with the smaller items in a separate gift box and include a look book and thank you note. All of these items are still recyclable, but the package you receive may be slightly larger than the eco option.

For the eco-packaging, we will pack your small items inside your largest item to bring down the size of the box as much as possible and, therefore, minimise our carbon footprint. You will receive a thank you card and postcard.

The outer box is the same for both options.

What To Pack When Travelling With Kids

by Keri Jamieson |


It’s officially Summer and with Covid restrictions relaxing I know a lot of new parents will be planning to get away either on a staycation or abroad. It has been so long since we travelled and if you have a newborn this is probably their first time. I know first-hand how challenging this can be and remember all too well my first trip with the twins who then got chicken pox while we were away but that’s a whole other blog! 

We know you are tired but don’t worry – we’ve got you! Check out this handy list below with the most important things you will need with a newborn and a few extra items if you already have an older kid in tow too. 

For starters you need the right bag and nothing gets better than our stylish designer Leather Holdall – Westwood which we have in two sizes. There is also our stunning leather Joy XL or Amber backpack which also makes the perfect cabin bag and is approved for all airlines.   

 These stunning kit bags make the perfect leather changing bag and are also fab as travel bags with their multiple organiser pockets as well as the secret compartment at the back that slides over your trolley to allow for hands free travel – Genius! 

Ok, with the bag sorted let’s get to the all important hand-luggage packing list: 

Click HERE to download a printable copy of this checklist.



  • To help keep things organized, we recommend using our Sullivan Packing Pouches and Zip-Top Bags as they are especially useful for packing medication and those other small bits that you need to keep close.
  • Our Hepburn Bag is perfect for keeping all your facial cleansers, moisturizers, make-up and toiletries.
  • Pack a spare EVERYTHING in your hand luggage. On my first holiday with Jasper they lost my suitcase for 7 days and I had NOTHING but nappies!
  • Inform your bank and credit card company that you are travelling to avoid your card being declined when you attempt to use it in another country.
  • Fill baby's snack pouch with dry cereal from the breakfast bar to keep handy for snacking between meals.
  • When travelling with toddlers, don’t let them see what you’ve packed in their bag until they are on the plane. It will be even more exciting for them to discover all the snacks, treats, activity books and games that are inside.

  •  When travelling with a newborn, choose a seat near the window to avoid having to get up for other passengers. Also choose a seat close to the front for an easy and quick exit after landing.
  • When packing your changing bag include a nappy for every hour of travel, this way you will have more than enough for the trip and for any unexpected delays.
  • The cabin pressure during take-off and landing can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Try to give them a feed during take-off which will help a huge amount. If they are older chuck them a lolly or a sweet – no judgment here😉


We would love to hear about your own tricks and hacks when travelling so don’t be shy in leaving a comment for other adventure set Mums like you.


Happy travelling! 

Love Always,

Keri x


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