A Guide On What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag

When we have small children, an absolute essential for any stress free day out is a well-stocked and organised nappy bag. So, seeing as our gorgeous Kitbags are perfect for stylish parenting, here is a guide on what to pack in your nappy bag to make sure you have everything your little one needs and a few essentials for you too. The finer details on what to pack in your nappy bag will depend on you and your baby, but you will soon get into a routine and learn what you do need and what you can leave at home! To get you started, here are a few absolute essentials to keep you and baby happy.



The first essential in our guide on what to pack in your nappy bag is of course, nappies! Depending on the age of your child, they are likely to be changed between 6 and 12 times a day, so it should be relatively easy to work out how many nappies you will need in relation to the time you are spending out of the house. Always make sure you add on an extra 2 or 3 nappies in case of emergencies. Re-usable nappes come with different requirements so if this is your plan do some research first and we wold suggest purchasing some of our zip top bags to help you as they are machine washable and waterproof so perfect for any Poonami's

Baby Nappies

Changing Mat

The next thing you’ll need is a portable changing mat. You can buy some amazing portable changing mats that fold up into really compressed packages, so they easily fit into any nappy bag. Look for something waterproof, so it can be easily wiped down if needed and neatly packed back into the bag. Something hygienic and comfortable is ideal! We offer both padded and none padded options. the none padded fold up really small making it ideal for our midi size bags and smaller bags such as Greta whereas the beautiful padded ones creates a nice padded area for your baby. you can find there here

KeriKit Luxury Designer Changing Mat Padded/Unpadded


Nappy Sacks

Having plenty of nappy sacks on is essential, as sometimes it is necessary to have a hygienic and easy way to get rid of dirty nappies without a nappy bin!

Disposable nappy sacks aren’t great for the environment. However, you can now buy biodegradable alternatives which we think is great.

Nappy Sacks



Any parent will know that having wipes on hand is essential when leaving the house, so this is a must when considering what to pack in your nappy bag. Again, baby wipes can have a significantly negative impact on the environment, so opting for biodegradable options is the best way forward! Whether it's for changing nappies or cleaning up after eating, having wipes on hand is a must.

Baby Wipes


Hand Sanitiser

Another essential on our list of what to pack in your nappy bag is hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is a quick and easy alternative to hand washing facilities to make sure any germs are killed.

Pop some hand sanitiser on before and after you change your baby’s nappy to make sure you aren’t giving them any germs and that you don’t spread any germs afterwards!

Hand Sanitiser


Nappy Cream

For little ones who struggle with nappy rash or sensitive skin, nappy cream will be on your list of what to pack in your nappy bag. For some babies and children, nappy cream is needed to keep them content and comfortable so everyone can enjoy the day. Most nappy creams are gentle enough to use after every change, so taking it with you will help to make your little one as comfortable as possible.


Change of Clothes

Outfit changes are a regular occurrence with little ones, so a change of clothes is a must on our guide on what to pack in your nappy bag! Whether it's falling into mud, getting soaking wet, having an accident or spilling food, our kids always seem to get into a mess. You want to be able to change your little one's clothes so they feel content and comfortable for the rest of the day. Pack one or two full outfits depending on how long you will be out of the house!

These gorgeous pieces from Mumma and Me are easy to pack and will keep your little one looking wonderful!

So, there is our guide on what to pack in your nappy bag! The contents of a nappy bag are often lifesavers on day trips out, so having a well stocked bag is essential. Have a nappy bag designed for going out and then have another set of the same supplies for inside the house.

Trying to remember to pack the nappy cream or wipes when there is all sorts of chaos going on will be a difficult task which is why our Kitbags are so handy. with a place for everything and everything staying in its place it is super easy to find everything and check that nothing is missing. with shoulder bags, cross bodies and backpacks to choose from there is something for every stylish mama!


When I was pregnant with my first born and then my twins, I struggled to find a changing bag that I liked. I felt that I was being forced to lower my handbag game just because I had a mini me on the way.

By the time I had my twins in 2014 and inspired by other mums who wanted to retain their individuality too, I decided to use my wealth of experience as a handbag designer for over 25 years and my experiences as a mum of Jasper and twins! to create a range of beautiful stylish Kit bags that can be used for all of motherhood and beyond.

KeriKit bags fuse fashion and functionality helping you to remain effortlessly organised and still super stylish when you need it most. Let’s face it, motherhood isn’t always pretty and you need a bag that works as hard as you do! For the perfect ‘everything’ bag, shop our range of changing bags


Love always,

Keri x


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