Unique Working Mum Organisation Hacks

Being a mum is tiring, testing, and at times turbulent. So, remember that if you feel like you’re struggling, you’re definitely not alone. All of us mums feel the same but, hopefully, we can come together as a community to provide some inspiration when it comes to working mums and being more organised.

These tips will work for anyone, yet they are especially useful for people who are short on time. Here are five working mum organisation hacks that I swear by each week. Hopefully, they will help you feel more in control too.

1. Lists, Lists and More Lists!

At the start of each month, I make a list of all the things I want to get done, prioritising big events or essential tasks first. Once these tasks are completed, I work my way down the list to get everything done.

I find the monthly wall planners from Pretty Post really useful for writing down the big events for each month. With this working mum organisation hack, you can ensure nothing is missed. Make sure everyone in the family knows to note down anything big that is happening and you’ll be good to go. In a previous blog post, I spoke about another planner, which helped to keep me organised for a trip. The Pareto Planner is another great option to consider. If you are more of a digital planner then I am new to (and LOVING!) Asana. I arrange all my to do lists here and also I can share work projects with my team too.

Pretty Post Planner

Pretty Post Monthly Planner

2. Meal Planning

If you cook your won meals then another great essential, working mum organisation hack is making a weekly meal planner with a list of ingredients needed. This makes cooking in the evenings so much easier and less stressful for busy mums. If you have an Alexa then you can ask her to make lists for you which are placed onto your app for when you head to the store.

A great way to make sure you aren’t missing anything is to shop online. I have a saved shopping list making it simple to 'add all' to basket.

My best tip on food though which works best for us are recipe boxes. We have been using Gousto for over 4 years now and I swear by it. Each night we eat fresh food but I don't have to give it any thought. Also it has forced my kids to try new things and expand their taste buds too. This working mum organisation hack will always keep you one step ahead!

3. Slow Cooker: Working Mum Organisation Essential

When I am not enjoying Gousto, I swear by my slow cooker and cook at least 2 meals a week in it, making it one of my vital working mum organisation hacks. It only takes 25 mins extra in the morning to throw all the ingredients in and when I get back from work, hours later, the house smells amazing and there is a delicious meal ready and waiting.

Rip open a packet of microwave rice or quickly boil some potatoes for mashing and the meal is complete. My favourites are beef stew, vegetable curries or spaghetti bolognaise. This working mum organisation hack will ensure that you and your family have a nutritious meal to come back to, especially on those days where you need to be at 3 different kids activities and they come home ravenous!

4. Get Yourself Dressed Last

When I first became a working mum, I would try to get myself completely ready first before attempting to get the kids fed and dressed. a sloppy kiss, wet burp or banana hand would mean multiple changes and more washing which nobody needs!

Now, I always do my hair and makeup first while the kids are asleep or quietly playing on tech first thing in the morning - needs must! I lay out my clothes and then pop up and get dressed after feeding time at the zoo is done. This working mum organisation hack will save you a lot of hassle, stress, mess and washing.

5. Have A Birthday Card and Present Cupboard

On more than one occasion, I have forgotten someone's birthday or had one of my children run up to me after school, informing me it was their friend's birthday, and if we didn’t even give them a card = end of the world!

So, my fifth and final working mum organisation hack is to have a supply of cards appropriate for adults and children, along with a few bottles of wine and toys stored and ready to go.

I like to jot all the important birthdays down in a planner from The Positive Planner. It helps me to feel organised but also provides some joy on the difficult days!

The Positive Planner

Keeping on top of things as a mum can be tough, I know because I am one too. I hope that these unique working mum organisation hacks help some of you feel less stressed and more organised too.

This is why I created KeriKit, so more of us could feel sexy, organised and well put together. you might not feel like you have it all sorted but at least you will look like you do!

Below are a few pieces from my work and travel bags collection that are guaranteed to save you time and make you feel good so you can go take on the world in style.

KeriKit Luxurious Leather Designer Work & Travel Bags

Love always,

Keri x

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