DIY Baby Photoshoot: How To Take Your Own Baby Photos

Our babies grow incredibly quickly, so as parents we love to be able to take photos to capture as many cute moments as possible to keep forever. Although newborn photoshoots are gorgeous, we’re here to give you a few tips about how to take your own baby photos so you can continue to take amazing photos all throughout their childhood.

Here are a few simple ways to help you learn how to take your own baby photos! We can’t promise you will be able to keep them still or smiling for very long, but perfectly imperfect baby photos are the ones I love the most.

Find A Bright Spot

Baby photo shoots usually involve quite bright lighting, as this helps to capture their beautiful little faces wonderfully. So, find a spot in your house with plenty of natural light, as we don’t want to be putting flashes in their faces. If you only have direct sunlight, hang a thin sheet over the window and you should achieve the perfect lighting!

Choose A Background

Some people prefer more portrait style photos with a plain background, however I personally love to embrace the scenery when it comes to photos. Taking a photo of your baby with some of their favourite toys in the background, or of them on their playmat, only adds to the character of them I think! Learning how to take your own baby photos is a learning curve, so eventually you will find your own style. Keeping our wriggly babies in one spot can be difficult, so simply find a room with good lighting, take a few snaps and I’m sure they will be beautiful.

Be Creative With Props

Newborn photographers will have plenty of props on hand, however you can recreate something similar at home! You could collect some soft, neutral coloured blankets from around the house and layer them to make a cosy area for the photos. If your child is slightly older, you could collect some of their favourite toys and take some more colourful shots.

These beautiful cashmere baby blankets from Rosie Sugden can be wrapped around your baby for a simple but beautiful photo.

Rosie Sugden Scottish Cashmere

Choose Your Camera

If you have a professional camera that’s great, however if not, the quality of phone cameras these days is brilliant. Having a good camera on your phone is ideal not only for learning how to take your own baby photos, but also for convenience as it will easily fit into your changing bag, so you can capture memories wherever you are.

Choose your camera

You will find all sorts of features on them if you have a little play around, such as portrait mode which blurs the background and focuses on the details on their beautiful faces. This works particularly well if you have a more crowded background, as you get the character of the space without it distracting from your little one.

Pack all your props and a spare set of clothes in one of our gorgeous, versatile bags so that you can nail that shot first time. With a huge range to choose from and some big enough for your baby, you will be spoilt for choice!

Luxury Designer Leather Changing Bags by KeriKit

Luxury Designer Leather Changing bags by KeriKit

Fit Around Your Baby’s Schedule

You want to capture photos of your baby being naturally happy, so make sure you try to fit the photos around your baby’s schedule. This is a big benefit of knowing how to take your own baby photos, as you don’t need to try and force your baby out of their routine. Plus, knowing you have taken them yourself is pretty magical! Perhaps your baby is in the best mood after a meal, so you could take your photos then.

If you are learning how to take your own baby photos of your newborn, get them changed into an outfit when they are awake and then you can get some precious shots of them sleeping. Patachou has some gorgeous outfits for boys and girls that would be beautiful for your photos and also for special occasions afterwards. Just make sure that baby is content and you are likely to be much more successful!

Try To Get Eye Contact

Although I do love perfectly imperfect photos, there is something about a photo of a baby making eye contact with the camera that is so special. Take one of your babies favourite toys and hold it near to the camera. Whilst this won’t work everytime, and probably not at all with a newborn, it is worth a try! As you learn how to take your own baby photos, you will gradually learn tricks that work for your own children.

Hopefully these simple tricks will help you to capture some precious memories of your babies growing up. Learning how to take your own baby photos is really simple and although professional photoshoots are lovely, sometimes taking the photos yourself is all the more special. We’d love to hear how you get on and we hope you have some fun!

Love always,

Keri x

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