The Evolution of KeriKit - 6 Year Anniversary Feature

KeriKit is Six Years Old!! And I feel very proud to have got this far.

I have to admit it has been good, bad and pretty ugly at times thanks to various reasons but KeriKit is still here and growing stronger day by day.

The evolution of the KeriKit brand has grown with me and my children over the years and continues to evolve as my children grow and our needs change which is why now there are midi bags, mini bags and even journal covers, all created to make your life easier.

From the start, I was intent on creating a brand that would be there for busy mums, supporting them throughout all of motherhood. However, I was very clear from the start that I did not want my products to be referred to as changing bags as they would be so much more than that. I could see a unique gap in the market for stylish women, especially mothers who needed to stay organised and stylish throughout their busy days just like me and knowing I was ready for whatever the day had in store thanks to the contents of my bag.

As the mum of a 20-month-old with twins on the way, in the beginning all I could think about was needing a BIG baby changing bag. It needed to be big enough to fit all my baby paraphernalia but I also wanted it to be stylish too. Add to that the need to switch from being a mum to a working woman throughout each day, I didn’t want it to scream changing bag or be a famous changing bag brand for the same reason.

However, as my children grew older my needs changed and so did what I was packing, and so the need for different sized backpacks became very apparent. I struggled with my bag and hip at the best of times so a backpack was a natural choice but both myself and my customers were beginning to crossover to the other side of milk bottle and nappies and while sometimes I needed my trusty Joy XL with 2 large water bottles in each side, I also found myself needing the same organisation but in something just a bit smaller. The feedback from my customers at that time was exactly the same, needing their bags to be ‘Just a bit smaller for those days when I don’t need to take so much, but with the same functionality I have become accustomed to! I can only carry a KeriKit now as nothing else compares!’ And so, the middies were born… also perfect for your midi you’s too.

Jump forward 5 years and Jasper and my twins Charlie and Aryella are now in school and although the need for the classic changing bag is over, the need for a bag to keep me organised is still a must! The Joy XL leather backpack is still used every weekend for our family adventures, the Lennox is there for lunch dates when I need a laptop, and my Harry is ready for date night but I needed something in a ‘grab and go’ size. Sometimes I literally only need my purse, keys and phone, in which case I grab the Milly travel organiser but for days when I need my oils for Yoga, water bottle, hand creams and other little bits, my collection was lacking. This bought about the birth of Greta - a cute little leather crossbody shoulder bag and stroller organiser that I could use for the school run, those quick little errands and also super stylish and ready to take with me when I had a chance to have a little me-time. So popular it is now that it has been created in pretty much every colour and we have a vegan option too!

With the evolution of KeriKit, my desk got a lot busier, my phone as my planner got a lot more crowded and my capacity to remember things is not the same as it was when I was in my 20’s. Something else was needed in my life to help keep me organised and it was quite obvious that post-its and my phone calendar simply weren’t working as I would turn up for my hairdresser appointment on the wrong day, miss my dental appointments and I started to feel stressed and a little out of control.

Fortunately, during another one of my embarrassing stories to a friend explaining how I had turned up a week early to friends’ lunch to find nobody there, she asked if I had heard of bullet journaling? I am a Virgo so I am creative, messy and also a perfectionist. I had tried planners before, but either felt too constrained by all the content they were asking of me or not clear enough on what to write and where to write it that invariably I would make a mistake on the first page then the entire book would be ruined.

After a little research, you tube videos and the purchase of The Bullet Journal Method I realised that bullet journaling is completely different from those planners that had brought me out in hives previously as they allow you to create the pages exactly as you want them and organise things your way – Mind blown!

Finally, I had a space for my daily affirmations, manifestations, little memories, appointment reminders and everything was all in one place. Another genius discovery was the erasable pen (as a lefty I tend to smudge the ink which leaves my notes quite messy, so being the perfectionist I was utterly thrilled at this discovery – you can get Frixion pens here) albeit still quite the beginner, I have to tell you it has already transformed my daily organisation.

Having found this new love, I went on a search for a nice journal cover, and guess what, once again I was disappointed by what I found. Either the prices were too high, the quality terrible, or they just didn’t have the functionality that I felt was required for a journal cover. And so the evolution of KeriKit continued and the Vicki Journal Cover was born.

This beautiful leather journal cover and organiser can fit not only my journal but has a place for my new love ‘the erasable pen’, my affirmation cards and even my phone.

I am so happy to have been able to help other busy mums like me feel more organised during the different stages of their lives as mothers and feel less stressed. I truly hope my products continue to make your lives easier and that little more stylish too.

With so much more to offer in the coming months and years, I thank you my amazing Kit Girls for your never-ending support and I am thrilled to share this milestone with you.

Love always

Keri x

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