Taking the Pressure Off - Self-care Tips for Mums

There is so much pressure involved with being a mum (as a mum of 3, I know times 3!)

Pressure to be the best mum. Pressure to be successful at work. Pressure to not work and look after your children full-time. Pressure to have a nice, clean home (all the time – we can only dream).

We often find ourselves so busy trying to do everything and be everything for everyone that we sometimes forget about ourselves in the process.

Statistics show that one in every eight women suffers from post partum depression, one in five suffers from mental health problems and that women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety more than men.

After what has been two very challenging years, it is now more important than ever that as mums we find ways to ease some of the pressure and take better care of ourselves. Whether it is an hour each day doing breathing exercises, taking a quiet stroll around your garden, reading a novel or trying that recipe that has been in the back of your mind; whatever helps you to have some downtime and gives you time for self-care.

As a working mum, balancing the daily tasks of running a business along with family activities and the other demands that comes with my day is never easy. And one of the best ways I have found to cope and take some of the pressure off is by keeping my days organised with Bullet Journaling and doing Yoga.


Organisation Tips and Bullet Journaling to Take the Pressure Off

Bullet Journaling for Mums

For me, getting organised is one of the best ways for me to take some of the pressure off and feel more control of my life so that I can find more time not only for self care but the family too.

Previously, I relied on my phone to stay organised, but as I had kids and KeriKit was the new baby, my life became busier and my phone just wasn’t sufficient anymore. I explored many ways to organiser my days better, ‘post its’, calendars, and then I discovered bullet journaling and I haven’t looked back! I now use my journal to organise and keep track of everything and now I feel less stressed and pressured to be on time for dates that would probably have otherwise been missed – I would be lost without it!

My top tips for bullet journaling as a mum for more functional days:

  • Using frixion pens- these are amazing and have changed my life! With friction pens, if you make a mistake you can just rub it out. No more painstakingly taking hours to make sure your journal is perfect – because who has time for that?
  • Colour coding your bullet journal – use coloured tags to make sure that you are making time for you. I record my gym and yoga sessions in green, work related tasks in red, activities for the kids in yellow and other bits and bobs in black. Having a colour coded system has really helped me to visualise the week ahead so that it is easier for me to make time for myself.
  • Reduce your added pressure by breaking down your monthly goals into daily ones. How I set my daily goals is to try and achieve accomplishment by midday so that no matter what should happen for the remainder of the day whether with work, family or anything else, I know that I have achieved that set goal for the day.
  • Map out your individual goals, a task to achieve that is aimed at self improvement. I map out 2 or 3 goals for myself each month. Seeing them keeps me motivated and completing them gives me a sense of self satisfaction and fulfilment. Just don’t add any unnecessary pressure by setting too many goals.
  • If you are just getting started with bullet journaling, I recommend reading The Bullet Journal Method which shows you how you can use bullet journaling to help you live a more intentional life.

Bullet journaling can help you to get more organised and take the pressure off, which will in turn, help you to make more time for looking after yourself.

For more information on how I use bullet journaling and to see my journal layout, have a look at my recent Youtube video.


Organisational Bullet Journal Cover for Busy Mums

To keep things really simple, I use a standard bullet journal from Amazon which usually lasts me about 3 months. I keep my journal inside my Vicki Leather Journal Cover and I have got my whole life in here.

Developed with the help of bullet journalling expert Vicki Bonfield, the Vicki Journal Cover has multiple slip pockets to help you feel more organised whilst also being a stylish accessory!

Find out more about how our Vicki Journal Cover can help you to take the pressure off here.

Self-Care Tips and Advice for Mums

As a mum of busy toddlers and babies, finding 10 minutes of alone time can be very difficult. But self-care doesn’t have to be long baths with face masks, or extended foot soaks. Self-care could be taking time for yourself to listen to some guided meditation with Insight Timer whilst baby is taking a nap, watching your favourite comedy when the little one is distracted by their tablet or listening to a self development podcast with a cuppa for a few minutes before the kids get up. Self care and taking time for yourself can be whatever you want it to be as long as it works for you.

Advice for Taking the Pressure off and Looking after Yourself as a Mum

Taking time for yourself as a mother is hard but it is not impossible. Being more organised and feeling less pressured will help you to keep the plates spinning so that you feel more in control of your day.

Taking time for yourself as a mother is selfish – no it is not! Putting yourself first with a little self love will help you to maintain control of everything else around you and frankly, girl you deserve it!

I hope that my bullet journaling tips have helped to show that being more organised doesn’t have to be a complicated art and gives you the nudge you need to get started.


Love always,

Keri x




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