Everything You Need To Know About The Luxury Amber Tan Leather Organiser Backpack

A handbag just makes an outfit, doesn't it? Once you've decided what to wear, your bag is the last piece of a perfectly-planned ensemble, the final piece of the puzzle. It's got to be just right.

When it comes to baby bags however, it's a bit of a minefield out there, don't you think? If you're pregnant and coming to the end of your third trimester, you're going to be on the hunt for one of the most important bags of your life, right?

Ultimately, if you're a mum that wants to look chic but also carry around everything you need for your tot, you may struggle. Some baby bags, particularly rucksacks, make you feel like a tortoise, lugging around a great big shell. Urghh! Bulky and matronly are the two words that spring to mind.

However, since I started using Kerikit's 'Tan Baby Changing Backpack', I've done an about turn. This leather changing bag is genius and what's more, it's so stylish, you would never think it was for mums, and I'm all about that life.

First and foremost, I'm obsessed with how it looks. The warm, terracotta leather is so buttery and sumptuous. Its just so soft to the touch and I can't get enough of the boxy yet compact shape. Tan bags are a staple as the shade genuinely can be worn with any colour in your wardrobe as it's super complimenting. Subtle enough not to overpower but still eye-catching, it's the tone of dreams. It's waterproof too, which is great when I'm out in the rain (#mumlife.) The gold hardware is a lovely touch and gives it that luxury feel. The zip pulls are cute and mean it's easy to grab and open when I'm on the go. The top flap is so handy for easy access. The adjustable straps mean I can wear this bag when I'm cosied up in a tracksuit at soft play, or slung over my shoulder with a knitted jumper and jeans at the park. Someone asked me at baby swimming class the other day where it was from, and in the queue for Starbucks.

Now we all know it's what's on the inside that counts, and this bad boy doesn't disappoint. It is so intricately designed, every little compartment is really well thought out. There's sections for everything you could possibly think of. Got a load of dummies you need a place for? There's a buttoned section at the inside back for that. Need to bring a fair few bottles for bubba when you're on the go? The side pockets are so deep and roomy, you can load up. There's even insulated bottle holders! Clever isn't the word.

Teething bambino with the hump? There's elasticated sections where you can grab the Bonjela with ease. Got endless nappies for days? Roll them up and they will fit snugly inside. There's clips for your keys, and even a built-in card holder. I personally love the fact there's also a separate zip-up bag you can remove; perfect for all those snacks - particularly the vat of Veggie Straws I seem to have an endless supply of (Mummas, can I get an amen?)

I actually use this bag for work, too. Yes, you did read that correctly. Before I head to the office, I empty this arm candy of all the baby accessories, and it is quickly transformed into a seriously fancy ladies laptop bag. I replace the baby bottles with my flask on one side, and a portable coffee cup on the other. I pop in my laptop at the back (there's tons of room) and there's even space for my pesky plug and adaptor. The roomy front section houses my books for the train journey, and my phone battery charger, perfume, body spray and makeup. There's pen loops for my stationary and what's more, it even fits a change of clothes if I fancy a cheeky cocktail after work. Win!

When I use this bag for work, I feel rather like Miranda Hobbes in And Just Like That. The redhead lawyer goes back to school in the talked-about series, and made backpacks cool again with her tan Shinola number. I feel like MH would totally covet this bag too. Also, can we just talk about the dreaded commute? Who wants to be juggling a bag for life and a handbag, when one could have one steadily-sized backpack instead? It's a non-negotiable, ladies. The top handle on this Kerikit design means you can happily swing it from above if you don't fancy carrying it on your back.

I love the fact it could be taken on holiday, too. The ideal women's travel bag, it has all the room you need for an overseas trip. Catching a plane may seem like an easy idea in theory, but how much stuff do you need to take with you? So much. Your on-flight beauty bag, packed with under 100ml treats. A stack of magazines, books, Ipad, earphones, and various hand-held gadgets to keep you occupied. PJs if it's a night haul. And of course, snacks galore. This bag will house all of this with ease, with some leftover room for a spend up in duty free also. The durable shape means you can slip it over your suitcase handles and even hang it from the trolley at the arrival lounge.

You can even make this bag uniquely yours by taking advantage of the monogramming service. Why not add a tassel or two? The Warrior tassel can be purchased at checkout and give the bag that extra special touch, and it’s a brilliant sensory toy for your child to play with too, giving you a little peace and quiet for that all important catch up with friends.

It's totally worth its £325 price tag. Exquisite quality aside, the cost per wear will totally outweigh what you paid for it, it'll pay for itself in no time.

If you're more of a tote kinda gal, you may need a little convincing that the humble backpack is for you. After all, many associate it with school kids in the playground, but it's so much more than that, and has had a real fashion moment in recent years. It's finally up there as one of THE bags to be seen with. Exploding back onto catwalks in 2019, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Burberry showcased the trend, and celebrities have been rocking them in their droves, from Kylie Jenner to Sarah Jessica Parker.

Also, they're ladylike, classic, and above all, practical. We're busy people these days; busier than ever. We need our hands constantly, from holding a double-shot latte and piles of shopping bags, to our little one's hand or snapping with our phones. Backpacks allow life to be simpler, and we can run everyday errands, hands free. Where quality is a huge part of this bag, you just know it's going to last forever and could be passed down in years to come. Plus, a timeless style, shape and colour like this has so much durability, it's not going to date in a hurry, either.

Guest post by:

Laura Sutcliffe

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