KeriKit's Commitment for 2022

Doing Good in the World as an Ethical Accessories Brand in 2022

In the words of Taylor Swift, we are feeling 22! At KeriKit, we are all about looking forwards and planning ahead and we have lots of exciting plans for 2022. One of our first big updates for 2022 is the launch of our new website! After 2 years of sh*tty lockdowns, 2022 is also about doing good and thinking about everybody else around us. We have been reflecting on how we want to represent ourselves, how we can help other people to live a better life and be happy and content about what we have got. Of course, we are known for designing beautiful leather bags but we are also known for sustainability, charity, giving back and doing good.

How KeriKit is doing good in the world as an ethical accessories brand in 2022:

  • Reducing consumption and helping those who need it with our Smart Works charity partnership
  • Implementing our environmental commitment for a more sustainable 2022
  • Creating a sustainable future - looking ahead, 2022 and beyond

Doing Good in the World in 2022 with our Ethical Accessories Brand Charity Partnership

If you follow KeriKit on Instagram, then you might have seen the gorgeous dress that I bought from Smart Works that I wore to wear to an event recently.

Designer KeriKit wearing an outfit from Smart Works

Smart Works is an amazing charity that we are partnering with for 2022 and they help women who have been out of work or had a career break to get back to work in style. Not only can they dress you from the knickers up if needed, but they also provide mentoring through the process to ensure that as an interviewee, you feel like the best version of yourself when you go to get that all-important job. At KeriKit, our brand values are all about versatility, style and sustainability and we are passionate about giving clothes a second lease of life to support women in need to get back into work again.

Responsible Consumption, Sustainability and Doing Good in the World in 2022 as an Ethical Accessory Brand

Around £140 million worth of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every single year! With inspirational figures like Greta Thunberg rising to fame and events such as COP 26, we are more aware than ever of the impact of climate change and the need to do our bit to look after the world for our children and our children’s children.

Responsible consumption doesn’t have to mean we stop buying new things completely as there is still a place for that new frock that makes you feel like Beyonce. January is the perfect time to be thinking about sustainable fashion: how many party outfits did you buy over the festive season? How many beautiful outfits did you receive as Christmas presents? You may find that you have clothes that are no longer suitable and getting rid of these is a great way to make space in your wardrobe for all of your gorgeous new clothes. Instead of sending these clothes to landfill, give your clothes a new lease of life by sending your clothes to Smart Works, who will give them to people who need them:

smart works client being outfitted for an interview

“If I could have afforded to pick this outfit from the shops, I would have chosen the exact items. They fit perfectly and the beautiful touches, such as the bracelet and socks, are so lovely. I really feel so much more confident at tackling the two interviews tomorrow.”Marie-Anne, Smart Works Client


Find out more about Smart Works and how you can support their work and do good in 2022 here.

Our Environmental Commitment to do Good in the World as an Ethical Accessories Brand in 2022

Doing good in 2022 as an ethical accessory brand isn’t just about our charity partnership, it is also about being as sustainable as possible both when it comes to our products and how we run our business. As a mum myself, I feel a huge sense of responsibility to do my bit to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren to inherit. This is a big part of my mission to do good in 2022, both in my personal life and as the Founder of KeriKit.

oblong trees - helping to offset UK's carbon footprintSustainability is one of our core values at KeriKit and as part of our environmental commitment, we work with Oblong Trees to plant trees for every order we receive. By planting trees for our orders, we are taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our beautiful leather bags, to make your purchase as stylish and sustainable as possible.


Doing Good in the World with Stylish and Sustainable Leather Bags

With our commitment to sustainability and a will to do good in mind, we also created our premium Signature leather collection. This is a naked leather, with fewer chemicals used in the dying process and less water used in production. In addition, unlike cheaper leathers there is no finish on our Signature leather, meaning there are fewer chemicals used, making this our most sustainable option yet!

Browse our Signature collection of ethical bags here.

Creating a Sustainable Future and Doing Good in 2022 and Beyond

I will be the first to hold my hands up and say that as a brand known for our gorgeous leather bags, we are not perfect. We know the environmental cost of leather and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our bags are not only beautiful and practical, but also sustainable. Every day there are new innovative solutions being created around the world and we are currently looking into alternative materials including sustainable and recycled leathers and also recycled nylon made from plastic bottles.

But, sustainability isn’t only about how the product is made, it is also about producing high-quality items that you can enjoy for a lifetime, or re-gift with Smart Works, if you fancy a change. Until we are content that we have found sustainable leathers that can last as long, our priority is to continue producing high-quality, luxury bags that will empower you everyday of your life.

An Ethical Accessory Brand with a Mission to do Good in the World in 2022

If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it is that “if you have the power to make somebody happy, do it. The world needs more of that”. This is what our mission to do good in the world in 2022 as an ethical accessory brand is all about, making people happy with our stylish leather bags whilst also helping to make the world a better place.



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