Supporting Ukraine This Mother’s Day as an Ethical Brand

At the beginning of the year, as an ethical brand, KeriKit made a commitment to do good in the world for 2022, starting with announcing their charity partner for the year - Smart Works. Since then, in recent days and weeks, the world has been rocked by Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine. Founder Keri was particularly touched by the poignant image of the abandoned prams left on a platform at a Polish train station, as Polish mums left behind their prams for Ukrainian refugee children. With Mother’s Day right around the corner and as a mum of three herself, the gesture moved Keri and she felt inspired to do her bit to support the people of Ukraine, particularly the children.


An Ethical Auction to Support Families and Children in Ukraine

Having run a successful auction once before, Keri decided to auction off 13 of KeriKit's best samples and the results are in... KeriKit is really proud that Tuesday’s auction (15th March) raised a whopping £4700!! Plus, the government’s match funding scheme will take the total to over a massive £8000 which will go directly to helping those who need it most in Ukraine right now via War Child UK.

War Child

This all took place in the small Kitgirl community as part of a Facebook group filled with amazing women who supported the auction and the mums and children caught up in the war in Ukraine in the run-up to Mother’s Day. With one-off samples up for grabs, Keri was humbled and honoured to see her community get behind the cause and bid so generously, with the final lot, a Conda Joy XL going for £1500!!!

KeriKit Auction Pieces

Supporting Ukraine’s Families and Children this Mother’s Day

Vulnerable families, mums and children are caught up in the needless conflict and as an ethical brand for mums, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, Keri felt compelled to do everything she could to help. It was a truly heartwarming evening, seeing the KeriKit community coming together to support such an important cause and emotions were running high for all the right reasons, particularly for Keri who hosted the auction.

If you would like to help the families and children of Ukraine this Mother’s Day, you can donate to War Child UK Here.


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