Planning a Road Trip With the Kids? 6 Lifesaver Items You Need in Your KeriKit Bag!

So, you have purchased (or you are thinking about purchasing) your very own stylish leather Kerikit bag and it has become your go to everyday handbag. But packing your bag to go travelling with the kids is a completely different ball game and it can be difficult to know which lifesaving items you need in your bag. A flight with young children can be stressful (multiple screaming children on a long haul flight isn’t the most relaxing start to your holiday…). Whereas road trips can offer the best of both worlds - a chance to explore and spend time together without the stress of flying and going abroad. To help you get the most out of your family road trip, I have put together my top 6 lifesaver items for you to pop into your very own KeriKit bag!


#1 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids:

Food and Drink

Apples are great to pack in your KeriKit Bag if your little ones are old enough to eat them whole, as they do take a long time to eat. Another good idea is to give your child raisins in a box, this keeps them entertained and busy trying to get the raisins out - a few seconds of peace is still peace right? While water is essential - finding a cup that does not leak but is also easy to clean is like searching for amber nectar! It is also important to reduce waste and pack reusable bottles for both you and the kids, instead of buying single-use plastic options along the way! After an unbelievable amount of trial and error, I found the perfect bottle for my younger ones by Tommee Tippee!

 Tommee Tippee Bottles


#2 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids:

Noisy toys

Noisy toys - I know, they drive you crazy - but it is better than a screaming child! I have found the best ones from my experience are by Vtech as they are educational, fun, and the voice is less irritating than other noisy toys. Some of our favourites are Rhyme book, Microphone, or the Torch. If you can’t cope with the noise, the Smyth Toys Mega Bloks are also really good and help with hand-eye coordination.

Vtech Toys for the Kids

Vtech- Noisy Toys 

 Smyth Toys Mega Bloks

 Smyth Toys Mega Bloks


#3 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids:

Baby Board books

Small hardback picture books are good as you can pack a few in your KeriKit bag - the kids will no doubt drop and throw them so having more than a couple is a bonus! I love the little library sets such as Julia Donaldson’s Gruffalo Little Library. Once they are a bit older, lift-the-flap books such as Where’s Spot or Dear Zoo are essential classics!

Julia Donaldson’s Gruffalo Little Library

The Gruffalo Little Library

Where is Spot Story Book

Where is Spot

Dear Zoo Story Book

Dear Zoo


#4 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids:

Ipad/ Tablet / iPhone

I know, I know! However if it prevents them from sleeping when they shouldn’t or screaming when they think they should, it can be an absolute godsend to have some good hand-held technology around. We have downloaded lots of great educational games from Cbeebies - Jasper loves doing jigsaws from Amazing Shape puzzles and 22learn Phonics island, so it’s not all bad!


Educational games from Cbeebies

#5 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids:

Soother/Comfort blanket

 We have 3 on the go with each child so if we lose one it’s not the end of the world. However, they also tease each other and snatch them so having more blankets than children is always a bonus! Maybe it goes without saying to bring your child’s favourite item but ensuring there is more than one goes a very long way in ensuring a harmonious (well harmonious-ish) trip for your family.


#6 Lifesaver item you need in your KeriKit bag for a road trip with the kids


Whether it’s a nursery rhymes playlist on Spotify or a CD in the car, music is a great way to have fun with your little ones and get some peace in! Nothing passes the time better than a good sing-song and you can even get a personalised CD with your own child’s name added to the songs. My favourite was a lovely gift from a friend by Silver Balloon. The songs are great too which is good because you are going to hear them a lot!

Silver Balloon 


Finding the perfect KeriKit travel bag for your road trip with the kids

These are just some life saving items to pop into your KeriKit bag for your road trip with the kids, because as you probably know, our bags aren’t just stylish, they can fit all these items and more! Whatever you choose to take with you on your road trip with the kids, there is a Kerikit bag waiting to help you carry the load. One of our most popular KeriKit travel bags is the Joy XL Tan, perfect for every road trip and adventure. The gorgeous backpack includes space for your laptop as well as both interior and exterior pockets.

Joy XL Texas Tan Travel Bag


Browse our range of beautiful KeriKit travel bags for your road trip with the kids.

 Women Travel bags

Love Always,

Keri x



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