KeriKit Partners With Oblong Trees for 2020

First of all Happy Christmas to you all, I hope you had the most wonderful day. As the Christmas tree still sparkles filled with fairy lights and baubles I feel a slight twinge of sadness that in many homes a live tree was cut down just to be used for a few weeks and is then discarded causing additional landfill, and more importantly that tree can no longer help to offset our carbon emissions.

We are very focused on our emissions here at KeriKit and we are dedicated to taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and also help to improve our planet too.

With this in mind we are proud to launch our new imitative! From today we are going to plant two trees for every bag sold on our website and we are hoping you want to get involved and match fund our donation.

We have partnered with Oblong Trees Ltd, A UK based, non profit organisation that will be planting the trees on our behalf in the UK and around the world. Oblong (UK) Ltd are a data processing business trusted by large blue chip companies to improve their business data. They tried to calculate their carbon footprint and find a responsible supplier to help them become carbon neutral.
They found the experience confusing (as did We!) and often the information was unclear and contradictory. Companies need to be able to quickly and easily offset their carbon emissions, without being put off by the complications of calculating an accurate carbon footprint, without breaking the bank and without having to investigate suppliers to see if they are trustworthy.

They decided to create a simple solution available to everyone, one that doesn't waste more time and money calculating a carbon footprint, but just allows us to make a difference immediately.

While we can’t calculate the EXACT carbon footprint created in the production, shipping and delivery of each bag, we feel that planting 2 trees per sale is a good start in making each sale carbon neutral and if you choose to match fund our contribution at checkout then the each sale will be offset even sooner!

As a rough guide, we are working on 1 tonne per bag, so 1 tree will offset 1 tonne over 40 years. If 4 trees are planted per sale then in 10 years the carbon footprint will be offset and if 10 trees are planted then this will be offset in just 4 years and those trees can then continue to offset even more carbon in the future.

Below we have shown where the minimum of 60 trees per month will be planted by us:

  • United Kingdom 2
  • Australia 2
  • Mount Kenya Farms 14
  • Mount Kenya Rainforest 14
  • Malawi Farms 14
  • Malawi Communities 14

It's only a small step but it’s a start and we are super excited about it. We hope you will join us on this wonderful new partnership and help us to protect this planet we call our home.


Love always

Keri x


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