A Designer Leather Bag without the Designer Price Tag

On the hunt for a designer leather bag without the designer price tag that I can also use as a baby bag – does this bag exist? YES IT DOES!!

As a fashion editor, I have spent my entire career helping women wear what makes them look and feel amazing. Every wardrobe needs this, wear this to flatter, invest in these pieces to make you look cool…I’ve written every feel-good feature under the sun! 

Fast forward to finding out I was pregnant, and there was a mixture of emotions. A combination of being elated for something I had wanted for so long, but also feeling apprehensive about life changing and navigating the new ‘me.’ After all, I’ve been an independent career girl for so long, could I really have the best of both worlds? Visions of Julia from Motherland ran through my mind… 

While we are yet to welcome our baby into the world, throughout my pregnancy I have settled into the mindset that just because I’m going to be a Mum, it doesn’t mean the ‘old me’ has to go out of the window. The general advice from fellow mums is: you might lose yourself for a little while, but you’ll always be there. 

My changing body has meant that I’ve had to get into a new style groove and finding clothes and accessories to wear has been crucial to help me feel good about myself - I’ve always been a dress, dungaree and handbag girl which hasn’t changed, hurrah! 

I’m a total magpie for an accessory (or three). At my first appointment my midwife suggested that pregnancy is a great time to buy a new bag which is big enough to carry antenatal notes in, and I couldn’t agree more. Any excuse as far as I’m concerned! 

I have been on the lookout for a designer leather bag that ticks the style and function boxes satisfying both sides of the new me, and I’m so glad to have found it in Kerikit. I opted for the Thor leather backpack which in olive green with trendy tassels and luxe light gold hardware really does sing to my style aesthetic - while still being practical, of course.           

The Thor designer leather backpack features genius compartments to keep all the essentials organised so they’re easy to access - take a look at the elasticated zip pockets which are ideal for nappies and toiletries, the waterproof lining, the D-rings so it can be clipped to your buggy, the comfy straps and the butter-soft wipe clean leather. I also love the luxe gold hardware. What more could I want? 

Of course, with all those amazing features, this fashionable and functional leather backpack is the obvious choice for my hospital must-haves too. But what to pack? It can feel overwhelming knowing with what to take with you, so here are a few tried and tested essentials which other Mums have recommended to me, so that when the time comes, I’ll be ready to go in style. 

For baby:

  • Newborn nappies
  • Water wipes and cotton wool
  • Sleep suits, vests and baby grows
  • Hat and socks
  • Baby blanket
  • Muslins
  • Going home outfit
  • Make sure your birthing partner brings the car seat! 

For me: 

  • Front opening pyjamas - so it’s easier to breast feed
  • Eye mask so I can try to get some sleep
  • Lip balm to soothe sore lips caused by gas and air
  • Flip flops for the shower and walking around the hospital
  • Refreshing facial mist for during labour
  • Nursing pads
  • Toiletries
  • High carb snacks
  • Sanitary towels and big comfy knickers
  • Portable mini fan
  • Comfy outfit to wear home
  • Don’t forget your maternity notes! 

While we wait for our new arrival my gorgeous Kerikit leather bag has been my go-to for all the usual activities that make me, me. It’s had the envy of my colleagues at work and it’s even accompanied me to a festival and it’s right there with me ready for my new adventure as a mum too.

Contributed by Hannah Eichler - Guest Blogger

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