Luxury diaper backpacks – stylish solutions for modern parents

It is 2023 and to be frank, we want more from our baby changing bags. Pretty much any bag can be a diaper bag when you think about it, but what we need to help manage our crazy busy lives is the functionality and organisation that brings some calm to the chaos, and that looks stylish too. If you can throw in a sustainability element, then even better. Because this is the year we really need to care about it all. Which is why KeriKit is going to become your new best friend - a stunning collection of fashion forward, design led bags which take you from the nursery to the office and then onto the bar for that much needed drink. Luxury diaper backpacks – reinvented for conscious parents who want quality and versatility without compromising on style.


The Amber Eco Backpack – A Luxury diaper backpack with an ethical edge and stylish stance

The Amber Eco Backpack is the perfect choice for Moms who want a super modern, versatile aesthetic with all of the practicality of a diaper bag. In recycled nylon and innovative apple leather, it’s lightweight durable and vegan friendly too,

Alternatively, our Amber Leather backpack is made from a hardwearing leather which requires less maintenance than you might think. So many parents steer clear of leather when it comes to finding a luxury changing bag because they fear staining and worry about upkeep.  Our Amber is low maintenance but bang on trend in all the material on offer. The leather has a light pigmentation meaning you can wipe it clean with a wet wipe. With waterproof lining on all our collections, a spill won’t cause chaos and our recycled nylon and apple leather is wipe clean too.

What makes this a luxury diaper bag like no other is that is designed to fit in with your life whatever that looks like. From the integrated laptop sleeve for when you are commuting into the office to the double insulated bottle holders (one for baby and one for coffee of course!) for a trip across town, the features and functionality of the KeriKit range ensure this bag grows and evolves with your needs – so it won’t be abandoned in a cupboard when diapers are no longer required.


Big on luxe – Invest in a KeriKit luxury diaper backpack and enjoy it as an overnight bag too….

If you need more from your diaper backpack then the award-winning Joy XL has got your back, it’s a firm favourite with the team here at KeriKit, because it can be used in literally every aspect of life. From a day trip to the zoo with the little ones and all their paraphernalia, to a gym class or an overnight work trip, the Joy XL can handle it all with ease, meaning you have less to handle. With more and more parents having to balance really hectic lives, we have designed the Joy XL to withstand the job of being a backpack that goes well beyond the requirements of baby changing. If you’re looking for a bag that will help you feel more organised and save you precious time, then this could be the game changer you’ve been searching for. Joy looks as great as you jump on the train as it does at the gates of the nursery. It’s a great option when travelling with your family - Use it to store all the snacks, games and electronic devices to keep those small humans occupied and if you’re flying it’s the perfect size for under your seat or in the overhead locker. The Joy XL gets the job done in style and it comes in a range of styles that you can match to your personality too.

The perfect hospital bag has to be the Westwood. It’s a great weekender bag too!

Looking for something super versatile but need even more space? Then the Westwood is the bag for you. A Multi-tasking, super-stylish leather weekender bag which is perfect for flexible working, modern parenting, and makes for the ultimate hospital bag too. Perfectly proportioned to give you generous amounts of space and cleverly placed pockets to efficiently organise your clothes, toiletries, accessories, workout gear and more. So whether you are packing your Pampers with your paperbacks or your laptop with your Louboutins, the Westwood is your ultimate companion.

Luxury diaper backpacks – lets bring comfort back into the equation!

All of the KeriKit range of luxury diaper backpacks have one thing in common – they have been designed for maximum comfort by a fellow mum of 3 children with a bad back and a hip replacement who knows balance is key. From the positioning of the straps to the padded back panel, every detail has been carefully considered to provide maximum comfort. We know just what you need, because we are parents too.  As we design each piece we ask 4 questions, Is it beautiful and practical? Will it make your life easier? Will it help you feel more stylish, confident and more ‘you’ and finally will it save you precious time?

We believe you shouldn’t need to sacrifice style for comfort as a parent – but 8 years ago, we couldn’t find any travel,  Kit and diaper bags that matched our ethos – so we created our own! We can’t wait for you to feel and experience the difference one of our luxury Kit bags will make to your life compared to a normal ‘Designer’ bag with its vacuous interior where you rummage endlessly for your keys and can’t store your coffee. Whether it’s the Amber, Joy, Thor or Westwood, we guarantee it will be the best bag investment you make in 2023.

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