Baby Essentials You May Not Know About

Not sure what to bring to the hospital on the big day? Well, we had a lovely chat with Tiffany Norris aka The Mummy Concierge and we discussed the things I took with me on my first trip compared to what I carried the second time around.

Tiffany has a wealth of knowledge in this area and helps lots of pregnant mothers get all their key essentials before giving birth. She gave us some top tips on some of the essentials you need, which you may not have thought of.

In case you didn't get to hear the interview, we have popped in everything we discussed here for you.

1. If you could only take 3 items into the hospital, what would they be?

Keri's choice first time round:

- My silk pillow - while it was lovely to have my own pillow - the silk bit was a total fail as I was sick all over it from drinking too much Lucozade and coconut water as I was panicking that I would get too hydrated!
- Music and speakers so I could listen to my hypnobirthing music (although that was rapidly scrapped in favour of Bon Jovi after 24 hours on repeat).
- A big cashmere wrap as I always get cold.

With the twins I had learnt a bit from the first trip so second time round I took the following items:

- Loads of maternity pads as with Jasper they told me I was only allowed 3!
- My big ugly foam lilac feeding pillow which was a saviour and came everywhere with me.
- Ear plugs and an eye mask in the hope I might get some sleep!
- I also chose to pay for a private room.

The Mummy Concierge gives us the ultimate list for your first baby:

What I loved so much about our chat was how much we agreed on the list and actually, even though many of these items barely existed during my pregnancies, I sought them out and they were life savers for me so she really does know what she is talking about!

  1. Merino Wool Sleeping bag - Superlove merino
    This is great as you can use it all year round because the wool is breathable. Also it won't slip off like a blanket can.
Baby Merino - Superlove
  1. Night Gown (instead of a babygrow) - Superlove Merino
    These are great! It means no fiddle poppers in the middle of the night. You simply slide them up, change the nappy and slip them down again - voila! Mine had an elasticated hem to prevent it from riding up.
Night dress - Superlove
  1. No Touch + Touch Forehead Thermometer - Braun
    I love how this doesn't have any sound so it won't beep when it's ready. You don't even have to touch your baby with it, just hover it over their forehead while they are asleep and they won't be disturbed.
Braun No touch + touch forehead thermometer
  1. Hosptial Bag - KeriKit
    Our Thea XL in black nylon is super lightweight and the perfect bag to take into the hospital as it has perfectly placed pockets for all your baby essentials.
Thea Black Nylon Weekender Bag - KeriKit
  1. Baby Bottles - Dr Brown's
    These are great bottles as they have a milk flow system that prevents the milk dispensing too quickly and causing uncomfortable wind.
Baby bottles - Dr BrownBreast feeding baby bottle with breast pump - Dr Brown
  1. Smart Socks - Owlet
    These little socks are so cute and super useful too. They will keep your baby's feet nice and warm and won't slip off.
Smart socks - Owlet
  1. Next to me Cot - SnuzPod
    I loved my side cot! At the time of both my pregnancies SnuzPod didn't exist but I found one on Amazon that was perfect. It means that in the night you can just slide your baby across into your bed when they need to feed and then slide them back.
    Next2me Side Sleeping Crib - Amazon

Or SnuzPod

SnuzPod3 Bedside Crib Dusk8. Waterproof sheets - SnuzPod

Okay, so these are MUST have items and you will use them for years to come (although you will need to get bigger ones as your cot size increases). One little tip I was told was to put two layers of bedding down. That way, if there is an accident you can remove the wet sheet and plastic under layer, below that is a fresh dry sheet and another plastic sheet under that. Again, this means you are not faffing around remaking the cot / bed when you should be asleep!

Waterproof Mattress Cover - SnuzPod
  1. Baby Monitor - BT or Nanit
    A video monitor is great as it gives you total piece of mind and it stops you going into the nursery and checking on your baby for every murmur. Babies do need to self-soothe, so this allows you to keep watch but you won't disturb them unnecessarily. If you plan to have more than one child, and in different rooms, check if you can add a second camera to your monitor then you can split the screen to check on both babies at the same time so that you don't find yourself walking around with two!
Baby Monitor - BT
Since my babies were born there are some great new video monitors out there that link to your phone such as the Nanit - I haven't used this myself but its definitely worth checking out.
  1. Nightlight Gro Egg - Gro Company
    A nifty little night light that not only gives the room a nice gently glow, it takes the temperature of the room too.
Gro Egg night light

I hope you find this list helpful! it's so hard to know what you need and, with the lock down, it is hard to know where to start to find out what you need.

Tiffany offers the perfect support during your pregnancy and beyond and can be contacted on the website below

We both wish you all the best with your pregnancy during this lock down period and hope you are finding time to rest and enjoy it too. If you want to know more then you can also join us for the Mummy Master Class online on April 27-29th. To attend the event, you can sign up here.

Love always

Keri x

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