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A few weeks have passed since our last COVID-19 newsletter and blog post. Since then, we have also received some lovely responses from our survey. Thank you for participating. If you didn’t get the chance to participate, here is the link to do so.

I thought now is a good time to update you on how things are. Firstly, we were excited to host our first Instagram Live with The Mummy Concierge and the blog is now up with some of the essentials you need for your first baby. We will have more of those to come to help all of you on different levels. The second Live was about ‘Mindfulness with Millie’ which was on Thursday, April 30.

With the outbreak, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe, in good health and adapting to this new way of life...and possibly finding some positives too. If not, then Millie will be here to help!

From our survey, the feedback was that you would like a mixture of updates, support and more videos on how to use your KeriKit for parenting, work and in future travels. Since then, I have posted two lovely new videos for your viewing pleasure. One is all about our designs and the second is an interview with yours truly about why I created KeriKit.

In terms of your orders, it's business as usual!

Fortunately, we have our own warehouse, so we are confident your goods are completely COVID-free when they leave us. We were packing up on our dining table but with so many little people running around and just my 72 year old mother trying to process the orders around them, we have noticed an increase in mistakes, so please forgive us. Our heart is in the right place even if we get it a little bit wrong sometimes. With this in mind, it has incentivised me to have a spring clean of the warehouse and, now, we have our dining table back and a brand-new packing area in the warehouse.

In terms of products, we have sold out of many Spring-Summer styles already and, therefore, there may be a bit of a lag before we can get our new AW styles through. So, if you have your eye on something, please don't wait as you may be disappointed if it’s gone the next time you come back.

As a brand and a mother in this with you, I am keen to find the positives. Not only did the lock down force me to sort out my packing area and reclaim my dining table after 4 years, it has also brought me even closer to my community. If you don't know about our private Kit-girl Facebook group, then where have you been? This is an amazing community of like-minded ladies where we discuss all things KeriKit. Its two weeks now since we had our first Zoom meeting and, on April 22nd, I hosted the second one where we worked on Autumn-Winter 2020 as a TEAM. It was so much fun and I can't wait to do more.

Your opinion matters to me a great deal so, if you want to be involved, head on over and join the party!

I trust you are all staying safe and healthy and, once again, thank you so much for your support. Every order we receive not only keeps us in business but serves as a reminder of why I created my brand.

Love Always,

Keri x

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