10 key-workers, 10 weeks, 10 gifts

A gesture of sincere thanks to society's heroes in the Covid-19 crisis

As a small independent manufacturer of luxury bags it wasn't immediately obvious to me how I could help support our global community at this time, other than keeping my family home and reducing opportunities to spread this virulent disease. Sat at home though, watching the news reports and listening to the demands being made of key-workers at this time, I realised there was something, even if tiny, that I could offer... as such, I would like to donate some gifts to these amazing people.

Clearly each and everyone of those workers is as valuable as the next so it would be impossible to choose between them - therefore the recipients will be randomly chosen, one per week for ten weeks.

Please nominate the key-workers in your life by uploading an image and caption (explaining who they are and what they do) to Instagram tagged with #KeriKitKeyWorkerSupport - the more positive vibes we can send their way the better! Every Tuesday, beginning next week, I will announce the lucky recipient of an item from my collection.

It might not be much but, from a small business like mine, it is a big gesture made from the heart that I really hope brings smiles to those working tirelessly for the rest of us.

Stay home (if you can), stay safe and get nominating now for next week's first give away!!

Love Keri xx

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