Planning a road trip? 7 life saver items you need in your bag!

  1. Apples are great if your little ones are old enough to eat them whole as they take a long time to eat. Another good idea is raisins in a box as they can get them out individually and takes concentration. Bread sticks are also great. I would advise against yogurt though – title picture above is testament to that.
  2. Noisy toys – they may drive you crazy but it’s better than a screaming child – just! I have found the best ones from experience are by Vtech as they are educational and the voice is less irritating than others, a few good ones are: Rhyme Book, Microphone, Torch. If you can’t cope with the noise the Mega Bloks are also really good and can help with hand eye coordination.
  3. Water – Finding a cup that doesn’t leak but is also easy to clean is like searching for amber nectar. After numerous purchases I have found Tommee Tippee to be the best to date. The easy drink cup for younger ones followed on by the Active sipper once they get a bit older. They are also really easy to clean.
  4. Small picture books are good as you can pack a few in your bag. They will no doubt drop / throw them so having a few in your bag is a bonus! I love all Julia Donaldson’s books so the Gruffalo little library is great. Once they are a bit older then lift the flap books are always well received such as Where’s Spot or Dear Zoo.
  5. Ipad / Tablet / Iphone / or similar – I know, I know! But if it prevents them sleeping when they shouldn’t or stops them screaming when they think they should it can be a godsend. We have downloaded lots of great educational games from Cbeebies and Jasper loves doing jigsaws from Amazing shape puzzles and 22learn Phonics island so its not all bad
  6. Their soother / comfort blanket. We have 3 on the go with each child so if we lose one it’s not the end of the world. However they also tease each other and steal them so having more blankets than children is a bonus.
  7. Music CD’s. Nothing passes the time better than a good sing song. You can even get a personalised CD with your own child’s name added to the songs. My favourite was a lovely gift from a friend by Silver Balloon. The songs are great too which is good as your going to hear them a lot!

KeriKit bags can fit all these in and more. See for yourself on our Youtube channel when we put Aryella python to the test!

Having accept that a flight with three young children is not feasible for another year or two, we have hit the road to see what this beautiful island has to offer instead!

Having travelled up to Scotland (5 hours) last week, Brighton on the cards for next week and then Poole a week or so later, we are fast becoming seasoned road
travellers with our little clan. My personal preference is to leave at bed time so they can sleep most of the journey. That’s great for a 3 hour drive but 5 hours means
you don’t arrive till the middle of the night. Failing that, its good to try and go when they usually nap / sleep. Any part of the journey that coincides with them
sleeping ranks high up on my list!

Finally, I have to admit that we have also succumbed to the DVD player for our 3 year old Jasper. Its perfect for keeping him occupied, however he does need to be
reminded to blink……

Happy Travels and if you are going away do send us a postcard!

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